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CleverSpa Owners Renovation ideas, creating a Hot Tub Sanctuary

Many amazing garden setups start with inspiration from great examples of exciting transformations.

To help inspire you, should you be considering the transformation of your out door space, we’ve some wonderful examples of before and after photos from our CleverSpa community. We have selected 3 of our favourite garden renovations, which include some great concepts to restyle your garden providing a relaxation location for your CleverSpa Hot Tub!

Outdoor gardens can provide a calming oasis where you can relax and recuperate which can increase your positive mental wellbeing. Apart from appealing aesthetics, there are plenty of reasons to look for garden renovation ideas to suit your individual needs!

Tracey has transformed her outdoor space by installing a wooden pergola, which acts as a contemporary outdoor feature, which, when teamed with contemporary slatted fence panels, creates privacy around her CleverSpa Cannes Hot Tub.  She has added matching outdoor rattan furniture, which compliments the grey colour of the Cannes Hot Tub – creating the perfect space to eat and entertain.

Tracey has styled her garden using LED lighting along the length of the pergola, which not only sets the mood, but provides stunning ambient lighting. Continuing the rattan look, Tracey has positioned a rattan plant pot on the table next to the furniture & a stunning ceramic pot to create a stylish outdoor summer look.  Bringing the indoors out, Tracey has used a matching grey blanket to create a cosy, welcoming outdoor space, accompanied by a stylish garden rug which helps finish off this stunning outdoor living space.

Laura has transformed her out door space with an outdoor bespoke all wood theme shelter featuring a solid roof. The stylish structure houses the 6 person CleverSpa Maevea Hot Tub and ensures that it has the necessary protection from direct sunlight and wind, as well as providing privacy from any nosy neighbours! The LED Globe Lights on the roof of the structure provide a stylish, cosy ambience to ensure that the Hot Tub can be enjoyed all year round.

The artificial wall feature breaks up the solid wood colour and brings a touch of greenery to the overall setting.  The maintenance-free feature offers a more natural appearance, to blend in with the surroundings transforming the space. Wall mounted hooks at the back of the shelter are perfect for hanging robes and towels so when you’re finished in the hot tub you get too cold!

For those not wanting to partake in hot tubbing, there’s the opportunity to have a drink at the bar, sitting on the coordinating high stools to ensure that none of the conversation is missed! Laura’s outdoor lantern features a natural design with blends perfectly with the rattan hot tub print.  The lantern features a large outdoor candle which finishes off this cosy outdoor space.

Sophie has renovated her garden from start to finish, creating a stunning outdoor retreat, which accommodates her 6 person CleverSpa Cannes Inflatable Hot Tub to relax & unwind after a long day.  Her large extended decking and wooden pergola provide an al fresco lounge space creating a stunning area to leisurely relax or to host an outdoor party for family and friends!

The pergola features solar LED globe lighting creating a warm glow and ambience, extending the enjoyment on darker evenings.  The outdoor firepit is a focal point, once the sun has gone down, and the soft flames stop any chills on a cool night, allowing you to snuggle up and keep warm all year round. Sophie’s unique grey patio design offers a practical solution to keep feet clean when stepping in and out of the Hot Tub, preventing debris entering the water.  The contemporary grey colourway of the CleverSpa Cannes hot tub matches Sophie’s outdoor furniture & loungers creating a perfect extension of the home to relax or socialise any time of the day.

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With the driest Spring for nearly 50 years and this July being the driest on record, drought warnings are on the way. It’s important, therefore, that we all do our bit by protecting the water we have and prolonging the life of the water used in our hot tubs. Regular maintenance allows water to be kept clean and healthy for up to 3 months, keeping water usage down to a minimum, playing a key role in conserving water.


Shower before using your hot tub. This is important as water will wash off any natural body oils & dead skin as well as removing any products such as deodorant, makeup, cream. Washing before using your hot tub will ensure you maintain the quality of the water which will make your hot tub water last much longer. 


All hot tubs require chemicals to kill bacteria, viruses and keep algae levels down.  To keep the water in your hot tub clean & clear, maintain the water pH levels between 7.2 to 7.8. Check your water using a test strip and add pH Decreaser or increaser according to the result. Test the Alkalinity of the water once a week and adjust accordingly.  There are some helpful instructions in the support section of the CleverSpa website HERE


When your inflatable hot tub is not in use, it is important to clip-on your hot tub cover. This is a simple yet vital way to protect the quality of the water and ensure no debris enters the hot tub water.  The additional lock provided will also keep children safe from entering the hot tub. The clip-on cover will prevent water evaporating and cooling, thus retaining as much heat as possible in your hot tub.  Our CleverSpa thermal covers add an extra layer of thermal insulation making your hot tub 50% more energy efficient too!

Depending on the location of your hot tub, stepping outside may bring grass, small stones, and other debris into your hot tub. Ensure you remove or wash off any bits on your feet, before entering the hot tub, to protect the liner and avoid it being damaged or punctured.  Washing feet will also maintain the cleanliness of your water.  


When it is hot outside, another way to reduce water evaporation is to reduce the temperature of your hot tub water, which can be a more pleasant experience in the heat of the summer sun and will also significantly reduce your hot tub running costs!


Remove leaves & debris from the surface of the water to avoid these clogging up the hot tub filter.  The CleverSpa hot tub cleaning kit includes a net which is perfect for this.  Hot tub filter cartridges keep your hot tub safe from contaminants, keeping your water clean and hygienic. CleverSpa Filter Cartridges remove any debris, dirt, or bacteria, which will decrease the possibility of it harbouring harmful elements that could cause damage to your health and your hot tub.   Remove the filter after you have used your hot tub and rinse under a tap to remove any small particles and residue.  If the filter remains dirty after cleaning or holes are visible, it’s time to use a new filter.  See more Filter Cleaning Tips HERE.

The Hot Tub Filter Sock is another essential part of the upkeep and maintenance of your hot tub as it will attract oils, lotions, and trap debris.  The socks are washable and reusable and a vital part in prolonging the life of your hot tub filter & the quality of your water.


Cleaning hot tub walls regularly will help avoid cloudy water, algae bloom and white water mould. Wipe down with hot soapy water using a clean cloth or sponge then rinse off with clean water.


With drought warnings on the way, instead of emptying your hot tub water into a drain,  why not reuse it?  It isn’t suitable for drinking, but it can be used to water non-edible plants.

To do this, allow the chlorine to dissipate first.  Simply test the pH levels & chlorine levels.  Chlorine should be at zero and the pH levels should be 7 & 8.

As well as watering the garden, hot tub water can be recycled by using it to wash garden furniture, outdoor equipment, to wash waste bins as well as being used to flush toilets.

So, relax. If you’re shopping for a hot tub and concerned about your water and energy use, CleverSpa have everything you need to be ecologically responsible.


We love to hear from our CleverSpa Community.  

Why not share your Hot Tub water conservation ideas and set ups and tag @cleverspauk & #cleverspa on Instagram!

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Is the UK Summer a little bit too warm for you this year?! Find out how you can use your Inflatable Hot Tub to Cool Down in the Summer with our latest CleverSpa Top Tips Blog!


If you want a cool pool effect from your Inflatable Hot Tub, simply turn the heater off and you can chill out in cool and soothing bubbles! Simply carry out your Spa Chemical and Hot Tub Filter Maintenance as usual. If you’re preparing to get your Hot Tub out in the heat, fill your CleverSpa with cool water to speed up the process.

CleverSpa Cannes Hot Tub in Garden on Decking
CleverSpa Cannes Inflatable Hot Tub
CleverSpa Cannes Hot Tub in Garden on grass. Lifestyle Image.
CleverSpa Turin Inflatable Hot Tub


Image showing correctly Inflated Hot Tub
When it’s hot take some of the air out your Hot Tub to compensate for the heat expansion. Over inflation can also damage the seams of your liner. The side wall should have some give when you press down on it, it shouldn’t be rock hard.
CleverSpa Hot Tub Camping Shelter and Gazebo Style Shelter shown in a garden
CleverSpa Universal Camping Shelter
Couple enjoying CleverSpa Head Rests
CleverSpa Hot Tub Head Rests


As with anything, prolonged exposure to extreme heat will cause damage to your hot tub liner. If an Inflatable Hot Tub is left in direct sunlight the air inside will expand and cause seam failure. We always recommend that you place your tub in the shade, either under a Parasol, Gazebo, UV Canopy or Camping Shelter. Not only will you protect yourself from sunstroke you’ll prolong the life of your hot tub.

Soaring temperatures can cause severe dehydration and heatstroke, so it’s vital you stay hydrated. Make sure you always have plenty of drinking water to hand, there’s a wide range of CleverSpa accessories, including drink holders and tumblers, so your drink will always be within reach, so you can lie back and enjoy your relaxing bubbles. Discover the whole range here.

Couple Enjoying Drink in a CleverSpa Hot Tub
CleverSpa Universal Hot Tub Drink Holder
CleverSpa Hot  Tub Safe Tumbler Glasses


It’s also worth considering removing any sun cream before you take the plunge, as the formulas used can have an adverse effect on your filter, requiring you to change them more frequently.

The key to keeping your hot tub water in tip top condition is maintaining the ph levels.

The more you use your tub, the more care you need to take. Regularly change your filter and make sure you test your water each day and top up the chemicals to keep your water clean and hygienic. CleverSpa have a comprehensive range of chemicals, with everything you need, whatever the weather, from descaling solution to test strips, available here.

CleverSpa Hot Tub Chemicals

We love to hear from our CleverSpa Community. Why not share your Hot Tub set up? We’ll feature our favourites on
the website.


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Simple Ways to Significantly Reduce Your Inflatable Hot Tub Energy Costs

Summer is on the horizon, so now is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space and prepare for those relaxing bubbly massages in your CleverSpa Inflatable Hot Tub.

With energy bills on the up, it is understandable you may think running an inflatable Hot Tub may no longer be affordable, but thanks to the award winning CleverSpa Inflatable Hot Tubs & Accessories, you can rest easy.

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How to Create The Perfect Space for Your Hot Tub

The sun is shining at last, well sometimes, the clocks have gone forward and, we are all turning to our outdoor space for somewhere to relax and unwind.

Investing in an outdoor hot tub can seem daunting, or impossible if you have a limited amount of space, but there is a great non-permanent way to dip your toe in without great upheaval and expense. Inflatable hot tubs don’t need any kind of professional installation and come in all shapes and sizes, so you could literally order one today, and be enjoying a heated, bubbly, filtered hot tub next week. Just in time for the May Bank Holiday.

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CleverSpa Hot Tub Chemical Maintenance

Maintaining your CleverSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is essential to maximize your enjoyment, and safety!

We’ve put together this handy guide Hot Tub Chemical Maintenance Guide so you’ll know what you need to do and when to do it, plus all the essentials you should have to hand. Once you get the hang of it and it’ll mean you can have complete confidence every time you take a well-deserved dip!

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Save Energy with our Universal Thermal Hot Tub Cover

The majority of us living in the UK have come to terms with the fact that we may have seen the back of what seems to have been a very short-lived 2021 summer. Despite it’s shortness, we can certainly speak for everyone when we say that 2021 has been a summer we won’t forget, with the lifting of covid restrictions meaning we were finally able to reunite with our family, friends and loved ones for the first time in many months. The ending of lockdown restrictions brought with it many positives, as we saw the return of parties, summer BBQs and UK staycations, it might not feel like much but after many months in lockdown, making steps towards “normal” definitely felt amazing!

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Stress Awareness Month

April marks the start of International Stress Awareness Month – A global month with the objective to increase public awareness on the causes and cures of stress. The month also marks a call to action in line with 2021’s theme – Regaining Connectivity, Certainty and Control.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 74% of UK adults have felt stressed over the last year, being overwhelmed or unable to cope, particularly throughout the global pandemic of COVID 19. In assent with these statistics, recent studies have proven that relaxing in a hot tub is highly beneficial to aid mental and physical health, to improve our overall quality of life and to enhance our wellness goals. A CleverSpa® hot tub offers a convenient, simple, and healthy way to deal with the anxiety that life can present.

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International Women’s Day

Monday 8th March marks International Women’s Day – a global day which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for gender equality in line with 2021’s theme #ChooseToChallenge.

At Clever Company we aim to support gender diversity with 46% of employees being female, of which 21% work in management positions. We are proud to be working alongside a strong group of women across all parts of the business leading the brand globally. We are thrilled to celebrate the achievements of all the women at Clever Company who challenge themselves to create new paths by sharing their knowledge and experiences with others to follow in their footsteps.

At Clever Company we strive to give all of our employees the encouragement and training to progress their careers, particularly encouraging women to consider senior roles, providing long term and enjoyable progression within the business.

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