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5 Ways Owning a CleverSpa Hot Tub Can Improve Your Health

Having a hot tub can be great fun, but what many people fail to realise is the numerous health benefits which come alongside having a soak in your CLEVER Co. garden spa. A frequently made assumption is that hot tubs are solely for the purpose of partying and drinking with friends and this often clouds the fact that they actually can have a really positive effect on both your health and well-being! Keep reading to find out how having a hot tub can benefit both you and your family!

Emotional Health and Anti-Stress

Life can be stressful, and high amounts of stress can lead to a decline in emotional health and wellbeing. Dedicating twenty minutes of pure relaxation time in a hot tub can be extremely beneficial to eliminating feelings of stress. The combination of warm water and massage has been proven to relieve tension which is typically associated with stress and the therapeutic nature of the jet massage can encourage endorphins to be released into the body and can improve emotions!

Weight Loss

Studies have found that people who regularly use hot tubs can increase their overall weight loss by up to 3.5 pounds when enjoyed alongside a healthy lifestyle. The massaging jets stimulate muscles the same way they would be stimulated in normal exercise, therefore promoting weight loss to occur.

Blood Pressure

It has been shown that using a hot tub for around 15 minutes can help to lower blood pressure! This can be extremely beneficial for users who have suffered from heart diseases and who are looking to improve health and fitness but are unable to partake in strenuous physical activities!

CleverSpa Hot Tub Can Improve Your Health

Aches and Pains

Muscle and joint pain is a very common problem which affects a large amount of the population. Living with these pains and aches can be extremely uncomfortable and can put a strain on our everyday quality of life. When enjoying a hot tub, the combination of warm water and massaging action of the jets can help to relieve and calm these pains. Using water to treat body aches is a technique which has been used for many years and is called “hydrotherapy”, its effects have proven to decrease muscle tension and improve joint pain.

Better Sleep

Getting a good night sleep is such a crucial element of living a healthy life and feeling great. Recent investigations have revealed that up to 30 million of us living in the UK suffer from sleep-related disorders and insomnia. If you struggle with sleeping then you may benefit from using a hot tub! Relaxing in a hot tub before bedtime can help you fall asleep more quickly and also improve the quality of the sleep itself.

So whether you are suffering from sleepless nights or stress at work, a hot tub can help to improve your quality of life! Not only this but CLEVER co. Hot Tubs are a great way of socialising and having fun with friends and family which is bound to make you feel better after a stressful day! Check out the range of inflatable hot tubs available on our website.

CleverSpa Hot Tub Can Improve Your Health