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Christmas Presents the Whole Family Can Enjoy!

With the long British winter well and truly in full force,imagine warming up in your own private garden spa! Many people have the belief that hot tubs are purely for summer usage, and will be enjoyed through the summer but then will be forgotten and left deflated during the winter season.However this could not be more wrong, many spa owners believe that owning a spa during the winter months is actually the most beneficial! Keep reading to find out why you and your family will love owning a CleverSpa this winter…

Arthritis Relief. Cold weather can often mean serious suffering for those who suffer from arthritis and stiff joints and with arthritis typically affecting those over 40, Christmas celebrations are the perfect time to share your CleverSpa with your family and friends who may be suffering.  Having a warm soak in your Cleverspa after a long day can help ease these symptoms and help to relieve pain, especially after a long days on your feet Christmas shopping or preparing the Christmas dinner!

Santa Watch from your Clever Spa. There is nothing more magical than the whole family getting together in the CleverSpa on Christmas eve whilst the kids watch the sky for Santa’s Sleigh. Who is going to spot it first? Why not have some hot chocolate…or some mulled wine whilst you wait!

Goodbye winter colds!If you are suffering from a bad case of the winter sniffles, we know just the solution. Soaking in the hot water can help clear your sinuses whilst relieving any muscular pain which comes from colds and flu! You will get out feeling less congested and more relaxed and ready for the busy winter season!

No more post-Christmas lunch bloat. After the long weeks filled with stress and preparation for the big day, we finally eat one of the heaviest and richest meals of the year, our Christmas dinner! So why not swap in the boxing-day game of Monopoly for a stress-free soak in your clever spa! The perfect way to relax before more festivities, drinking and eating continues! Share it with friends and family members to create a memory of the day which no one will forget!

If you want to experience first hand the joy and fun your family can have by owning a hot tub this winter, then make the purchase of a CleverSpa!