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CleverSpa® at Homebase

As a go-to store for outdoor furniture and garden improvement, we are excited to announce that a wide range of our CleverSpa® products will be stocked in Homebase stores from March.

Homebase stocking our products makes them accessible to everyone, meaning you can easily pop to your local Homebase to purchase a Sorrento CleverSpa®. Keep reading to find out the range of Clever Company products which will be stocked in Homebase this month…


The six-person, Sorrento CleverSpa® is the perfect addition to any garden, especially for those who love garden parties, spending time with friends, or those who want space to relax with all the family.

Space for Six People
The Sorrento CleverSpa® is the perfect hot tub to spend time with friends, with space for up to six people, no one will be left out! Who will you invite over first?

Triple-S PVC fabric
The natural stone print of the Sorrento CleverSpa® blends in with the natural elements of your garden creating a peaceful and seamless aesthetic. All CleverSpa® are made from strong and durable Triple-S PVC fabric, making it resistant to any punctures.

LED Lighting
The Sorrento CleverSpa® also comes with our LED Lighting technology, contributing to its party vibe. Test out its LED lights using the remote control, there are over 350 colour combinations to choose from!

140 Massage Air-Jets
With a 950-litre water capacity this large hot tub has 140 massaging air-jets are designed to create the perfect bubble massage. So, sit back, relax and let the Sorrento massaging air-jet system get to work on your muscles.

42 Degrees Rapid Heating System
The perfect combination of massaging jets and the 42-degree heating water system of the Sorrento CleverSpa® works to improve both blood-flow and circulation. The positive benefits of hydrotherapy have been embraced for centuries, why not bring some hydrotherapy to your garden and start or finish the day with relaxed muscles.

Clever Accessories

CleverSpa® accessories are also available in Homebase. Enjoy a drink in your CleverSpa® without the risk of spillage, using our cup holder you can sit back and relax whilst staying hydrated. Our headrest also takes your relaxation to the next level, allowing you to lay back, close your eyes and let your CleverSpa® get to work on providing you with the ultimate relaxation experience.

CleverSpa® replacement water filter cartridges are also available to purchase from Homebase. CleverSpa® filters are made from high-grade paper offering optimal filter performance and ensuring your spa is kept clean and safe to use at all times. Our filters are also very easy to install and maintain. We recommend you change your filter every seven days, so make sure you stock up next time you are in your local Homebase store!