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CleverSpa® at JD Williams

After a long day at the office, taking a dip in the warm water of a CleverSpa® is the perfect way to wind down and escape from the day’s stress, providing both physical and mental relief from a busy day. We are excited to announce that our CleverSpa® Inyo and CleverSpa® Paradiso are now available to purchase in JD Williams both online and in their catalogue.

Are you looking for a space to enjoy drinks with friends? Or a more intimate relaxation spot? The Inyo and Paradiso hot tubs offer different atmospheres, so keep reading to discover which model is best suited to you.


Space For Four
The CleverSpa® Inyo is designed for intimacy and relaxation, with 800L water capacity there is enough space for you to relax and enjoy some drinks as a party of four. Or for a more romantic evening, perhaps switch up the date night location and cosy up with a drink and your loved one in the Inyo CleverSpa.

110 Massage Air-Jets
Sit back, relax and let the CleverSpa® Inyo’s massaging air-jet system do the work. The 110 air-jets create the perfect bubble massage to relax your muscles and decrease stress levels. If you suffer from muscle pain, spending just a few minutes in your CleverSpa®, letting the air-jets work their magic can help relieve muscle pain.

42 Degree Rapid Heating System
The CleverSpa® Inyo spa has a fast heating system, heating to a toasty temperature of 42 degrees. The perfect combination of massaging jets and the 42-degree water works to improve both your blood-flow and circulation. The positive benefits of hydrotherapy have been embraced for centuries, why not bring some hydrotherapy to your garden and start or finish the day with relaxed muscles.

Durable Triple-S PVC Material
All of our CleverSpa range are made from strong and resilient Triple-S PVC fabric, making them extremely durable. The simple yet contemporary design of the CleverSpa® Inyo will blend seamlessly into any space.

Ready to go in 5 minutes
Setting up your CleverSpa® really couldn’t be easier. Simply plug it in, connect the hose and inflate. Your CleverSpa®, unlike many other inflatable hot tubs, is fully inflated in just 5 minutes. All you need to do is fill it up and set the temperature… it’s that easy!


Space for Six
The CleverSpa® Paradiso is certainly designed with socialising in mind, with 950L water capacity and square shape there is ample space for relaxing with friends and enjoying as a party of six. Share the CleverSpa® experience with your friends, we guarantee they will love it too!

140 Massage Air-Jets
Due to the larger nature of this hot tub, more massage jets are designed to create the perfect bubble massage, the 140-massage air-jets of the Paradiso CleverSpa® are sure to send you to relaxation heaven. Sit back, relax and let the Paradiso’s massaging air-jet system get to work relaxing your muscles.

LED Lighting
Our LED lighting system which is included in the Paradiso CleverSpa® adds a whole new dimension to your hot tub experience. The LED lighting strips which sit around the base of your CleverSpa are 100% water resistant and are controlled by a remote, allowing you to change the colour of the lighting to one of the 350 possible colour combinations, depending on the vibe you want to create.

Durable Triple-S PVC Material
All of our CleverSpa range are made from strong and durable Triple-S PVC fabric, making them very robust. The stylish and sophisticated cappuccino design of the CleverSpa Paradiso completes its classic look and creates the perfect vibe for after party dips or drinks with friends.