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Clever AirPro® X1 and X2 Kayaks

The Clever Company are proud to launch their range of Clever AirPro® X1 and X2 Kayaks which are now available in every Go Outdoors store. With Kayaks suitable for both one and two person use, why not get onto the water with a friend or even go solo? Be sure to head to your nearest Go Outdoors store to get your hands on a Clever AirPro® Kayak and join one of the fastest growing water sport communities in the UK.

Kayaking is an exciting sport which is inclusive and fun for all ages, whether a young child or upwards of 60, the lightweight kayaks will ensure that you can enjoy the adventure of kayaking. Reaching across all generations, kayaking allows you to push yourself to your limits or relax and take it easy whilst enjoying your natural surroundings. Why not give kayaking a go, whether you have tried it before or you want to try something new with your friends or family, our Clever Kayaks are perfect for everyone!

X1 or X2 Kayak

The Clever AirPro® Kayaks are available to purchase in two sizes to accommodate either one person with the Clever AirPro®X1 or two people with the Clever AirPro® X2. The one-seater X1 Kayak in bright orange/grey colours is the perfect way to escape to the water by yourself and enjoy a solo-adventure. Or why not try the two-seater X2 Kayak in the lime/grey colours and embrace the chance to hit the water with a friend or a loved one. Whether you are trying out a new sport, or you are Kayaking experts, the Clever AirPro® Inflatable Kayaks are easy to use, simple to inflate and will provide many hours of outdoor entertainment.

Inflatable and Lightweight
The Clever AirPro® Kayaks are both quick to inflate and deflate using the foot pump provided and the high-pressure air valves ensure your Kayak stays fully inflated at all times. The Clever AirPro® kayaks are surprisingly lightweight, with the X1 Kayak weighing only 7.4kg with a maximum capacity of 100kg & the X2 Kayak being 8.2kg with a maximum capacity of 160kg. The low profile and two removable fins on the X1 ensure speed and directional stability.

Durable high-quality PVC
The kayaks are manufactured from strong lightweight, high-quality PVC making them durable. Constructed using separate air chambers, in the unlikely event of a puncture, these chambers will keep you afloat to get you to land safely.

Clever AirPro® X1 – 272cms (L) x 75cms (W)
Clever AirPro® X2 – 320cms (L) x 90cms (W)

So get ready, relax against the inflatable backrest, place your belongings in the storage compartment and begin your adventures in your Clever AirPro® Kayak.

The Clever AirPro® Kayaks come with a 6 month manufacturer’s warranty which is valid from the date of purchase.