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5 Reasons the CleverSpa® Sorrento is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Whether your mum lives thousands of miles away, or you still live under the same roof, Mother’s Day is an important opportunity to show your mum how much you love and appreciate her. Get 31st March 2019 in your diaries and put some plans in place to make her day extra special! Your mum deserves the best so why not treat her to the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. Here are 5 reasons why the CleverSpa® Sorrento makes the perfect gift this year.

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1. Mums Need To Relax

Mums are often exhausted and overworked, thinking about everybody else but themselves and are left with very little time to sit back and put their feet up. Every Mum deserves some relaxation time so this year, switch up the predictable “spa day” gift with something a little more permanent. Create your very own spa experience in your own garden with the CleverSpa® Sorrento.

With 140 massaging air-jets built into the CleverSpa® Sorrento, the hot tub creates the perfect bubbly massage, for mums to sit back and relax in. Let the CleverSpa® Sorrento massaging air-jets get to work relaxing mum’s aches and pains. The combination of the fast heating warm water system and the air-jet massage is sure to relieve any stress and improve mum’s overall wellbeing!

Happy mum = Happy House!

2. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Unlike a one-off spa treatment, the CleverSpa® Sorrento can be continuously enjoyed all year round. Warm and soak your muscles on a cold winter’s evening or unwind after a busy summer’s day, the CleverSpa® Sorrento Spa is a great way to relax – no matter what the weather. Bring the holiday vibe home and create the perfect staycation setup in your outside space.

3. A Gift The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Large enough for up to six people, the CleverSpa® Sorrento can be enjoyed solo, allowing mum some “me time”, or by the whole family. Ditch the mobile phones and television, enjoy a digital detox and spend some quality time together. Let the conversation flow, reconnect with loved ones and let life’s troubles ebb away.

4. Stylish Modern Design

The natural stone design of the CleverSpa® Sorrento blends in with the natural elements of any outdoor space creating a luxurious, peaceful and seamless aesthetic which mum is guaranteed to love! CleverSpa® hot tubs are made from strong and durable Triple-S PVC fabric, making them resistant to punctures.

5. CleverSpa® LED Lighting

The CleverSpa® Sorrento comes with our LED lighting technology, adding a whole new dimension to your CleverSpa® experience. Sit back and enjoy the added ambience and experiment with over 350 LED colour combinations. Select colours to suit your mood, from calming blues, anxiety reducing greens, playful pinks and energizing yellows! Or sit back and let the rainbow lighting take you away to relaxation heaven!

Don’t just make your mum’s day this Mother’s Day,
make her year with a gift which will last!