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CleverSpa® at The Range

We are excited to announce our collaboration with The Range who are now exclusively stocking our CleverSpa® Bondi and Dakota Inflatable hot tubs.  Read on to discover which of the CleverSpa® hot tubs will suit you, your outdoor space and your lifestyle!

CleverSpa® Dakota

The CleverSpa® Dakota hot tub is now available and exclusive to The Range. This hot tub will look stunning in any outdoor space and also has the ability to coordinate with the Dakota lounge furniture set that features the same rattan design, also offered by The Range. The CleverSpa® Dakota seats up to 4 people so is perfect for families and couples for a more intimate relaxation experience.

Seats Up To 4 People
With an 800L water capacity and space for up to people, the CleverSpa® Dakota provides a more intimate relaxing experience. Being only 180cms in diameter (including the integrated pump and heating system), the CleverSpa® Dakota will fit into most outdoor spaces allowing you to create a perfect haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Suitable for a family of 4 or friends and loved ones, the CleverSpa® Dakota is the perfect choice for you.

Quick Inflation
Setting up your CleverSpa® couldn’t be easier, simply plug it in, connect the hose and inflate. The CleverSpa, unlike the competition, is fully inflated in just 5 minutes. All you need to do is fill it up and set the temperature… it’s that easy!

110 All-Surrounding Air-Jets
The combination of soothing warm water and 110 all surrounding Air-Jets included in the CleverSpa® Dakota creates the perfect bubble massage which you are guaranteed to enjoy! Designed to help you relax, unwind, and soak in both comfort and style, sit back in your very own CleverSpa® Dakota and let the air-jets get to work on your muscles!

Triple-S PVC fabric
All CleverSpa® hot tubs are made from super strong durable Triple-S PVC fabric, making them more resistant to any punctures.

CleverSpa® Bondi

Seats Up to 6 People
With a 1,000L water capacity and space for up to 6 people, the CleverSpa® Bondi is the perfect space for entertaining friends or simply enjoying some relaxation time with space for the whole family.

Integrated Pump System
What separates the CleverSpa® from any other inflatable hot tubs is its unique space-saving, built-in pump & heating system. This allows you the freedom to position the CleverSpa® in almost any location of your outdoor space, meaning you can create your very own sanctuary wherever you desire.

140 Massaging Air Jets
The perfect combination of 140 massaging jets and the 42-degree heating water system of the CleverSpa® Bondi works to improve both blood-flow and circulation. The positive benefits of hydrotherapy have been embraced for centuries, why not bring some hydrotherapy to your own outside space and start the day feeling invigorated or finish the day feeling totally relaxed.

Triple-S PVC fabric
The stylish, natural bamboo design of the Bondi CleverSpa® blends in with the natural elements of your outdoor space, creating a peaceful and elegant aesthetic. All CleverSpa® hot tubs are made from strong durable Triple-S PVC fabric, making them resistant to any punctures.

CleverSpa® Pump Heater: 12 months from the date of purchase
CleverSpa® Cover & Liner: 6 months from the date of purchase