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Must Have Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

Must Have Hot Tub Accessories

So, you have made the great decision to purchase a CleverSpa Inflatable Hot Tub. It is now time to set the portable Hot Tub up for you to enjoy! To get the most out of your CleverSpa Hot Tub this summer, make sure you purchase the right Hot Tub Accessories to ensure the time spent in your Inflatable Hot Tub is not only fun but also comfortable and hassle free.

Our CleverSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories also make the perfect, affordable, gift for any blow up Hot Tub owner! If a friend or family member owns an Inflatable Hot Tub, CleverSpa Universal Hot Tub Accessories can fit any brand, including Lazy Spa, Wave Spa and Intex. Why not treat them to a practical gift which is guaranteed to be used this summer?!

Universal Drink Holder

Relaxing in your hot tub can be thirsty work, so luckily at CleverSpa we have created the perfect drinks holder, ensuring your drink is kept secure whilst you sit back and relax. Easy to assemble and made from hard-wearing plastic, our drinks holder grips the rim of your CleverSpa® and can be positioned anywhere around the spas perimeter. Regardless of the type of the drink, the drinks holder can secure the majority of drink choices – wine glasses, cans and pint glass can all fit into the secure holder. Although staying hydrated whilst soaking in your hot tub is important we suggest taking precautions when taking glass into your CleverSpa® and recommend using plastic glasses to prevent damage to your hot tub and to yourself.

Drinks Holder

Head Rest

Sit back, relax and enjoy the warmth of your CleverSpa Inflatable Hot Tub. Take relaxation to the next level with our new CleverSpa Inflatable Headrest. With inflation taking just 20 seconds, and the headrest being of soft-touch fabric, getting comfortable has never been easier. Securely attach your headrest to the outside clips on your CleverSpa®, at any desired location, for secure positioning. Inflate, clip and relax! It’s that simple.

Head Rest

Floor Protector

The CleverSpa® floor protector is the best way to ensure your hot tub is protected from damage caused by debris and sharp objects hidden in the location where the spa is to be placed. Our floor protectors are made from high density EVA foam and can be circular or square depending on your chosen CleverSpa® model. The thickness of the foam acts as an insulator and minimises potential heat loss through the base of your CleverSpa®. This small investment will help reduce energy costs, and hence save money in the long run.

Floor Protector

Chemicals & Filters

Keeping your hot tub clean and sanitised is a crucial aspect of the maintenance of your hot tub since it maximises your spa experience and extends the life of the hot tub. This CleverSpa® Smart Bundle, which includes a chemical starter kit and 12 hot tub filters, contains everything you need to ensure your hot tub is kept clean and sanitary whilst in use. This bundle is great for first time hot tub buyers or those looking to refresh their spa cleaning products before the summer hot tub season.

With the summer sun looking like it’s here to stay, your CleverSpa® is sure to become the social hub of your garden, so invite your friends over, grab your accessories and enjoy the bubbles!

Smart Bundle