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Father’s Day in your CleverSpa®

Dads are notoriously hard to buy for, and with Father’s Day quickly approaching this weekend, planning a present for the Dad who has it all can seem impossible. Whether you have flown the nest or you are still living at home with your parents, Father’s Day is a great chance to express to your dad how much you appreciate everything he has done for you.

So, put the 16th of June in your diary and get something special planned for your Dad. With summer in full swing, and good weather predicted for the 16th, why not treat your Dad to the gift of relaxation by purchasing him a CleverSpa®. A CleverSpa® is a gift which can be enjoyed by the whole family all year round but will be particularly popular in the warm, upcoming, summer months.

Since CleverSpa® offer a vast range of hot tub models, there is something to suit every type of Dad. Continue reading to find out more about which CleverSpa® will make the perfect Father’s Day present for your Dad this year.

CleverSpa® Paradiso

Space for six people
LED Lighting
140 Massaging Air Jets
Integrated pump and heating system
CleverSpa® Size: 1.85m x 1.85cm x 0.65m
Contemporary Design

With space for six people and LED lighting which can provide 350 colour combinations, the CleverSpa® Paradiso is the perfect gift for a Dad who loves to entertain. With space for the whole family to jump in and enjoy, this CleverSpa® is the perfect addition to any family BBQ this summer. The LED lighting system is a great way of setting the mood of the occassion, select a mellow and understated setting for a chilled out evening or something more vibrant and fun for those CleverSpa® family parties.

CleverSpa® Paradiso

CleverSpa® Onyx

Space for four people
110 Massaging Airjets
Integrated pump and heating system
CleverSpa® Size: 1.80m x 0.65m
Contemporary Design

The CleverSpa® Onyx is the Spa to buy for a busy Dad who needs to take time to relax. Create a tranquil garden space for your Dad this Father’s Day by purchasing him a CleverSpa® Onyx. With space for four people and 110 massaging AirJets, this Hot Tub is the perfect spot for post-work relaxation and will help to alleviate any stress whilst soaking up the summer evening sun.

Priced at just £279, with savings of £120, the CleverSpa® Onyx is also great for those on a budget.

CleverSpa® Onyx

CleverSpa® Accessories

Does your Dad already own an inflatable Hot Tub? Do not fear, we have a range of CleverSpa® accessories that would make the perfect gift this Father’s day to improve your Dad’s hot tub experience.

CleverSpa® Drinks Holder

Why not purchase our CleverSpa® drinks holder and take your Dad’s relaxation experience to the next level. There is nothing better than enjoying a cold drink, especially on a hot day, from the comfort of your CleverSpa®. The Drinks Holder makes this far easier. Simply unbox, fix together, and slot onto the perimeter of your CleverSpa®.

Must Have Hot Tub Accessories
CleverSpa® Drinks Holder

CleverSpa® Headrest

Our CleverSpa® Headrest is also a great way to treat your Dad this Father’s Day. The headrest can be inflated in just 20 seconds, is covered in a soft-touch fabric, and can be securely attached onto the clips located outside of your Spa, resulting in a comfortable and relaxing place for your Dad to rest after a long day of work.

CleverSpa® Floor Protector

The CleverSpa® Floor Protector is a practical, yet essential present for any hot tub owner. Placing your hot tub onto our floor protector, which is made from high density EVA foam ensures that your CleverSpa®is protected from potential damage caused by debris hidden in the set up location. These foam floor protectors can be purchased in circular or square shape depending on the model of your CleverSpa® The floor protector also acts as an insulator and minimises potential heat loss through the base of the CleverSpa®

CleverSpa® Chemical Pack

In order to maintain the cleanliness and safety of your CleverSpa® various chemicals and filters are required. Any regular hot tub user will no doubt appreciate a replenishment of their cleaning products and this CleverSpa® Smart Bundle, which includes chemicals and 12 filters, is bound to keep your CleverSpa® clean and sanitised. Stock up on these products now, before hot tub season is in full swing, to ensure your CleverSpa® is maintained all summer long!

Included in the Smart Bundle:
• 500g Chlorine Granules
• 500g pH Plus
• 500g pH Minus
• 500ml Foam Remover
• 25 Dip Test Strips
• 12 x Filters

Don’t just make your Dad’s day this Father’s Day, make his year, with a gift that will last. Check out our full range of CleverSpas and CleverSpa® Accessories.