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CleverSpa® at B&Q

Purchasing a CleverSpa® has never been easier. With our Hot Tubs being stocked in B&Q locations throughout the country from the 26th August. You can transform your garden into the dreamy outdoor retreat with a new CleverSpa® to enjoy through all seasons.

We are excited to announce that our new CleverSpa® CleverLink App will be launching with the CleverSpa® Corona and CleverSpa® Maevea hot tubs available to purchase at B&Q. This App will allow you to have full control of your hot tub from the palm of your hand, even when you aren’t at home. You are able to easily access your CleverSpa® remotely from your mobile. Wave goodbye to waiting for your CleverSpa® to heat up, by turning on the heater whilst you are at the shops, on the school run, at work or even if you simply have your hands full cooking dinner. Not only can you kick start the heating process of your CleverSpa®, but you can also turn it off remotely too. Gone are the days sitting at your desk wondering if you remembered to switch off your CleverSpa®, simply check the App for added peace of mind.

B&Q will also be stocking a full range of our accessories to ensure your hot tub is as comfortable and enjoyable to use as possible. The simple addition of a head rest and drinks holder can enhance your CleverSpa® experience, so check them out!

Control your CleverSpa® wherever you are!
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CleverSpa® Corona Inflatable 4 Person Hot Tub

CleverSpa® Corona Inflatable 4 Person Hot Tub

Space for up to 4 People
With room for up to 4 people, the CleverSpa® Corona is the perfect space for entertaining friends or simply enjoying some relaxation time at the weekend with your close family . This CleverSpa® measures 180cmX65cm so its round, compact shape won’t take up too much precious room in your outdoor space.

110 AirJets
The 110 powerful massaging AirJets included in the CleverSpa® Corona are sure to relax your muscles after long days spent on your feet. Sit back, relax and let the air jets get to work on relieving muscle tension and tightness.

Contemporary Rattan Design
The contemporary dark rattan design is a stylish addition to your garden set up and is sure to blend in seamlessly with your current garden furniture.

Insulated Top Cover
The CleverSpa® Corona also comes with an insulating top cover, this will keep the water of your CleverSpa® warm whilst not in use and save energy costs in the long run. The insulating top cover also comes with double locking clips for extra safety.

CleverSpa® Corona 6 Person Hot Tub with CleverLink App

CleverSpa® Corona 6 Person Hot Tub
CleverSpa® Corona 6 Person Hot Tub

Space for up to 6 people
The square CleverSpa® Corona is the perfect space for entertaining larger groups of friends, with room for up to 6 people it is the perfect space to relax with friends. The square design of this CleverSpa® measures 185x185x65 offering ample space to sit back, and relax whilst enjoying a drink.

CleverSpa® CleverLink App
The square CleverSpa® Corona comes with the brand new CleverSpa® CleverLink App technology. Turn on your CleverSpa® and kick-start the heating process whilst you are at the shops, work or at the gym and return home to your CleverSpa® which will be the perfect temperature, ready for you to jump in!

140 Massaging AirJets
The larger size of this CleverSpa® Corona, has even more massaging air jets, with 140 jets, everyone is guaranteed to experience a relaxing water massage whilst in the CleverSpa® Corona.

Ready to fill in under 5 mins
Our CleverSpa® Hot Tubs are inflated and ready to fill in just 5 minutes using the integrated, space-saving pump.

CleverSpa® Belize 6 Person Hot Tub

CleverSpa® Belize 6 Person Hot Tub
CleverSpa® Belize 6 Person Hot Tub

Space for up to 6 people
The CleverSpa® Belize is the perfect party spa. With room for up to 6 people and measuring at a large 185x185x65, there is space for you and all of your friends to sit back, listen to music and enjoy a drink.

Multicoloured LED lighting
The Belize multicoloured LED Lighting system, will take your CleverSpa® party to the next level. With over 350 colour combinations which can be controlled by an easy to use remote control, the lighting possibilities are endless! Change the lighting depending on your mood and situation, bright, fun pinks and reds when enjoying drinks with friends and deep relaxing blues and greens whilst enjoying some “metime”.

140 Massaging AirJets
The 140 massaging AirJets which are built into the CleverSpa® Belize are the perfect way of relaxing your muscles after a long day on your feet. Sit back, relax and enjoy a massage from the comfort of your own back garden!

Integrated Pump and Heating System
One of the many benefits of owning a CleverSpa® is the fact the pump and heating system are built into the hot tub itself, saving valuable space in your garden. Not only is this a great space-saving solution but also ensures your garden’s aesthetic is maintained.

CleverSpa® Maevea 4 Person Hot Tub with CleverLink App

CleverSpa® Maevea 4 Person Hot Tub
CleverSpa® Maevea 4 Person Hot Tub

Space for up to 4 people
The CleverSpa® Maevea has space for up to four people and is perfect for families or groups of friends. Measuring 180 X 65 this compact hot tub is perfect for gardens or patio spaces.

110 Massaging AirJets
The 110 massaging AirJets of the CleverSpa® Maevea are sure to do the job of relaxing your muscles. Let the bubbles surround you whilst you kick back and enjoy.

CleverSpa® CleverLink
The CleverSpa® Maevea also includes our new CleverSpa® App technology, simply download the app and take of control of your hot tub from anywhere. You can turn your CleverSpa® on/off remotely and re-order chemicals and filters when you are running low, just two handy features of our new app. If you have a busy lifestyle and are constantly looking for ways to save time & money, this is certainly the CleverSpa® for you.

If you are looking for the perfect garden accessory to bring your friends and family together, a CleverSpa® is the perfect solution. Whether you are looking to entertain, relax or just have fun with your family, B&Q stock a CleverSpa® which will suit you and your individual needs. Head to your local B&Q store and treat yourself to one of the 4 CleverSpa® Hot Tubs on offer. Take advantage of the new CleverLink App technology by selecting the CleverSpa® Maevea or CleverSpa® Corona square hot tubs that feature the CleverLink App to simplify and optimise your CleverSpa® experience.