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Using Your CleverSpa® in the Winter Months

As the days are now shorter and the weather is turning colder, it is clear that winter has landed!

So, now is the time to fully utilise your CleverSpa®. We know how enjoyable your CleverSpa® has been during the summer months but we would argue that a dip in your CleverSpa® on these cold, dark, winter evenings is far superior! There is no better feeling than the contrast of the warm water against the cold air, just ask the Nordic countries! But as the temperature drops, maintenance and care are vital in order to keep your CleverSpa® in tip-top condition…

Why use your CleverSpa® in the Winter?

1) Boost Your Immune System

We know that a soak in your CleverSpa® reduces stress, but did you know that a dip in your hot tub can also relieve colds and congestion? After a long day at work, no doubt surrounded by people full of colds and germs; soaking in your CleverSpa® elevates your core temperature allowing your body to fight cold symptoms and even the flu!

2) Hydrotherapy

When the weather outside is cold, your muscles and joints also get cold and are more susceptible to damage during physical activity. Soaking in your CleverSpa® before exercise can help you warm up and prepare for a safe and pain-free workout; whilst soaking in your CleverSpa after physical activity is also a great way to relax and recover. Allow the warm water to relieve muscle soreness and stiff joints. To discover other ways in which your CleverSpa® can improve your health CLICK HERE

3) Winter Socialising and Celebrations

Winter is a sociable time, with Christmas and New Years Eve being the perfect opportunity to enjoy the company of friends, family or loved ones. Make your CleverSpa® the central hub for memories to be made and fun to be had this festive period, purchase your CleverSpa drinks holder here and throw a CleverSpa® with your close friends, don’t forget the eggnog or mulled wine!

How to look after your CleverSpa® in the Winter

Now you know the benefits of soaking in your CleverSpa® this winter, there are a few things you should remember in order to keep your spa running smoothly. You can use your CleverSpa® in all weather conditions but we do not recommend use during extreme weather such as high winds, thunder/lightning storms and prolonged direct sunlight.

Pack away your CleverSpa® when not in use for long periods

If using your CleverSpa® frequently, be sure to keep the cover in place and locked to ensure safety and prevent heat loss. Regular checks and water maintenance are necessary to ensure your CleversSpa® is running smoothly and safely. If you’re not using your CleverSpa® for a long period of time, then it is best to drain and pack away your hot tub to keep it safe and ready for use upon your return!

Keep your CleverSpa® Clean

Maintaining the chlorine and PH levels is vital to ensuring the smooth running of your CleverSpa®. It is essential to check water chemical levels every day and manage accordingly. Adjusting the PH and chlorine levels using our PH balance and chlorine pack could not be simpler, why not stock up this winter and purchase our Hot Tub chemical bundle so your never caught out!

Enhance your CleverSpa® with our Aromatherapy fragrances

A fun, new addition to the CleverSpa® Accessory Range is the brand new CleverSpa® Scents. This Winter Wonderland scent is the perfect way to get you in the Christmas spirit whilst enjoying a soak in your CleverSpa®. A sparkling, spicy winter aroma with warming cinnamon, notes of cloves and nutmeg, combined together to create your very own winter wonderland. It’s warm, inviting scent makes everything merry and bright – perfect for those cold winter nights!

CleverSpa® Winter Wonderland aromatherapy fragrance contains a special blend of beautiful, essential oils, carefully blended with natural Maris Sal (sea salts); designed to captivate your senses and enhance your hot tub experience.

Keeping your CleverSpa® running smoothly in the colder months takes a bit more care than other times of the year, however following these simple steps will ensure your CleverSpa® can be used the whole year round! We can’t think of anything better than warming up after a cold day in a serene garden hot tub! Check out the full range of our CleverSpa® on our website!