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CleverSpa® Relaxation Tips for 2020

The New Year is a great time to reflect on our everyday habits and attempt to make healthier changes to our lives. Despite this, creating unrealistic resolutions can be demoralising and leave you feeling defeated when they eventually fail but creating realistic goals for the year is a great way to make healthy changes to your lifestyle! Losing weight and exercising more are popular resolutions, but the simple act of incorporating healthy lifestyle choices to reduce stress can really improve everyday health and wellbeing, especially when enjoyed alongside a healthy and active lifestyle. Add relaxation to your daily routine this year and ensure you are taking time out every day to really focus on yourself.

The benefits of relaxation are much much more than simply feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Incorporating relaxation practice into your life can help to decrease stress, depression and can even decrease your chances of being exposed to certain health conditions such as heart disease and cancers. If you have already failed at sticking to your New Year’s Resolution then keep reading to find out how CleverSpa® can help you incorporate realistic changes into your lifestyle and discover the best way to enjoy the New Year with a relaxed and peaceful mindset.

CleverSpa® Hydrotherapy

Sitting back in the warm, bubbly water of your CleverSpa® is a great way of incorporating relaxation into your life. Whilst you let your brain relax, let the bubbles of your CleverSpa® take the strain and get to work on relaxing your muscles.

The practice of Hydrotherapy has been around for thousands of years and has been used and adopted in many different cultures for the purpose of healing. There has been much debate surrounding how and why hydrotherapy actually works with some believing that the water treatment detoxifies the blood, stimulates blood circulation and improves digestion and as a consequence, the immune system is enhanced. Others believe that the warmth of the water on the skin causes expansion of the blood vessels which brings blood to the skin’s surface and can aid muscle relaxation.

Why not incorporate this healing into your everyday lifestyle, purchasing a CleverSpa® hot tub allows you to enjoy the luxury of spa therapy from the comfort of your own outdoor space.

CleverSpa® Head Rests

Take your relaxation to the next level and experience the extra comfort a CleverSpa® headrest can bring to your hot tub experience. Made from a soft-touch fabric, these headrests are every bit as comfortable as they look! They are also really simple to inflate, taking just seconds and can be attached securely to the clips on the outside of your CleverSpa®. They allow your neck to be fully reclined whilst in your CleverSpa® so you switch into full relaxation mode. These headrests come in a pack of two, so are perfect for enjoying with a partner or a friend!

CleverSpa® Scent

There is nothing more relaxing than the smell of essential oils. With our sense of smell being directly linked to our brains and our memory system, just the slight smell of a comforting scent can instantly relax your muscles and your mind. Our spicy Winter Wonderland Spa Scent is a specially crafted aromatherapy fragrance containing a blend of beautiful essential oils and dead sea salts, which are designed to captivate your senses and enhance your hot tub experience. If you like the smell of warming cinnamon with notes of cloves and nutmeg, then this winter wonderland scent is the perfect addition to your relaxation routine, and is just right for those cold January evenings.

Incorporating some relaxation time into your lifestyle is essential for a healthy mind and body. So why not make relaxation your 2020 focus and ensure you really make some time to yourself this year. Do not be disheartened if a New Year’s Resolution has already failed, these scents are designed to help alleviate stress and make relaxation and self-care an essential habit within your weekly routine. Check out our full range of products here.