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Planning the Perfect Date Night For Valentine’s Day

The season of love is officially upon us, so it is time to turn on the romance and begin preparing for the perfect Valentine’s date for you and your loved one. Who will you be spending your Valentine’s with this year? Whether you are relaxing with your partner or are organising a Valentine’s party for you and your girlfriends, no matter who you are celebrating with, make your night relaxing, fun and unforgettable with a CleverSpa®experience.

A romantic CleverSpa® evening takes the stress away from your typical date night set-up with no reservations needed, no menu to decide on and no driving required, organising an at-home date night with a. Although Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, after a full working week, a relaxing evening in your hot tub is the perfect answer to your romantic couples evening. There are some things that can make your evening even more special and memorable, so keep reading to discover how to organise the perfect at-home Valentine’s Day date night.

The Perfect Hot Tub

If you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for you and your partner to enjoy together for the whole year round then look no further. Our CleverSpa® Brooklyn is the perfect romantic choice for your other half. With space for up to 4 people, and opulent matt black and rose gold design, this is the perfect gift for those who love to relax or entertain!

There is nothing more romantic than spending some quality time together in the warm bubbly water. So switch up the fancy restaurant this year and relocate your evening to your relaxing outdoor sanctuary. With 110 massaging AirJets ready to get to work on relaxing your muscles, soaking in your CleverSpa® Brooklyn is sure to be a calming experience.

The CleverSpa® Brooklyn also includes two inflatable headrests for additional comfort and two pairs of slippers to slip on following your evening soak.

Are you missing the most important element of your hot tub date night, the hot tub? Warm-up your winter and browse our full range of CleverSpas here.

Date Night Drinks

Nothing makes a hot tub experience more relaxing than sipping on a cold drink whilst you soak in the warm bubbly water of your CleverSpa®. Although enjoying an alcoholic beverage in your CleverSpa® couldn’t be more enjoyable, it is important to stay hydrated whilst doing so. Why not alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to ensure you stay refreshed and hydrated.

Spilling your drinks is never good news, but worry no more, our CleverSpa® Drink Holders are the perfect accessory to avoid this problem and to keep your drinks safe and secure whilst you sit back and relax. Simply position the drinks holders around the top of your CleverSpa, and you are ready to go. They also come in packs of two, so are the perfect addition to your romantic date night.

Be Prepared For Any Weather

With the ever-changing British weather, praying for sunshine on Valentine’s Day can bring disapointment. Be prepared for any weather and attach the CleverSpa® canopy to your CleverSpa® hot tub to protect you from the elements whether that be rain, wind or sunshine! Even if you are looking for a bit more privacy from your neighbours, look no further, the tall sides of the canopy will provide this too. The addition of this CleverSpa® canopy ensures you get full use of your CleverSpa® hot tub all year-round making it the perfect gift to be used again and again.

Time To Relax

And just like that, you are ready for Valentine’s Day and fully prepared for your romantic date night. It’s time to turn up the bubbles, jump into the warm water and relax with your date. No fancy dinners needed, make this Valentine’s a night to remember, all you need to worry about is how you will possibly top it next year!