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Using Your Hot Tub In The Autumn Months

It’s finally time to accept that the summer months are drawing to an end as the colder weather begins to creep in. You may be wondering how you can make the most of your CleverSpa® in the colder months whilst protecting it from the everchanging UK weather. Despite the colder weather, many hot tub owners tell us that this is their favourite time of the year to relax in their hot tubs as they love the soothing hot water in contrast to the cold air!

If you are already a CleverSpa® owner or are looking to purchase a CleverSpa®Hot Tub, keep reading to find out how we recommend enjoying your hot tub in the Autumn and Winter months.

Insulation Is KEY

When the weather outside is cold, it is increasingly important to keep your CleverSpa® insulated in order to maintain the optimum temperature of your water for as long as possible! Insulating your CleverSpa® effectively can save you money on electricity bills and keep the cost of running your CleverSpa® down. Here are some of our top tips for insulating your CleverSpa®:

Thermal Hot Tub Cover

There is nothing we love more than a cold crisp day, but it is important to keep your CleverSpa® hot tub protected from extreme weather conditions. The easy-to-fit waterproof CleverSpa® Thermal Cover improves heat retention due to thermal insulation making it up to 50% more energy efficient.

Our range of Universal Thermal Covers are designed to fit most hot tubs with and without an external motor. The removeable zip off door accommodates hot tubs with external motors, while webbing straps and locking clips provide a safe and secure fit. The CleverSpa® Thermal Cover comes with a vacuum storage polybag for an easy, space-saving packing away solution (pack inside out).

Improved heat retention due to thermal insulation

Inflatable Cover Support

The CleverSpa® Universal Inflatable Cover Support is a must have accessory for the Autumn/Winter months. Providing added protection by preventing rainwater from pooling on your CleverSpa® cover, whilst retaining that all important heat allows you to enjoy the benefits of your CleverSpa® all year round.

Our CleverSpa® Universal Inflatable Cover Support is made from durable PVC, designed with I-Beam construction for both stability and durability. Features a rapid inflate/deflate boston valve.

Floor Protector 

Our CleverSpa® floor protector is an essential accessory whilst using your CleverSpa® in the Autumn/Winter months. Your CleverSpa® Floor Protector ensures that your CleverSpa® is fully insulated from underneath to ensure heat is not escaping from the bottom. Not only this, but the foam material of the CleverSpa® Floor Protector ensures that the ground your CleverSpa® is placed on is even more comfortable to sit on whilst protecting the base of your CleverSpa® from any sharp objects.

Activate FreezeGuard®

The cold weather could cause damage to the CleverSpa® pump and heating system of your CleverSpa® if not cared for correctly. Every one of our CleverSpa® models is fitted with 365 FreezeGuard® Technology. Just set the temperature to 5°C, and this will prevent any water in the system from freezing. It’s as simple as that! Earlier models can be used at 20°C which will protect your heater and pump provided your hot tub remains switched on.

NOTE: Follow your instruction manual to activate your model’s FreezeGuard®.

Regular Filter Changes and Cleaning

Regularly changing your filter is essential hot tub maintenance, no matter what time of the year! So, during the Autumn and Winter months, be sure to keep up with regular filter changes.

As the leaves begin to fall, garden mess such as leaves and dirt are likely to clog your Hot Tub filter cartridges, so we recommend rinsing your filter after every use to remove any particles or residue. The filter is one of the most important elements of your CleverSpa® maintenance, so taking care of this system properly is KEY!

See here for advice Cleaning My Filter

As the weather gets colder, you can still continue to enjoy the benefits of your CleverSpa® with the right precautions and maintenance. These accessories, along with the CleverSpa® Freeze Guard are essential for both insulation and smooth maintenance. So escape the cold, jump into the warm water and simply…relax!

The products listed in this blog will be available beginning of November at The Range.