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Packing away your CleverSpa® in the Winter

If you are keeping your CleverSpa® Hot Tub out for the winter, the warm bubbly water can be the perfect relaxing oasis in the colder months for you and your family. When the temperature starts to drop and the days begin to get shorter, your CleverSpa® maintenance routine may need to change slightly compared to the summer months and it is essential to prepare your CleverSpa® for the colder weather to ensure you get the most your CleverSpa® can offer.

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If you have decided to pack away your CleverSpa® for the winter months, please see below some tips.

How to empty your CleverSpa®

To pack your CleverSpa ® away for the winter, the first step is draining the water. After removing the filter, you can drain the water by attaching a hose to release the flow of water in a controlled manner into a safe area of your garden. The chemically treated water which fills your CleverSpa ® can damage wildlife including flowers, grass and animals so be sure to empty the water into a safe location to avoid damage.

Follow these steps to empty your CleverSpa® Safely

1. Firstly, turn off the CleverSpa® heater at the mains.

2. Make sure the drainage plug is in place on the floor of the CleverSpa®.

3. Open the water outlet on the outer wall of the CleverSpa® and screw on the inflation hose.

4. Pull the plastic plug from the outlet in the floor of the CleverSpa®, then the water will flow out.

5. When there is no water in the CleverSpa®, use a sponge to absorb excess water; we then recommend turning on the bubble function for up to 20 minutes (one full cycle) to drain the water that can remain, and help dry out the pipeline. If the pipeline is not completely dried after the first cycle, it may be necessary to run the 20-minute cycle again.

6. When drainage is complete, remove the inflation hose and replace the drainage cap.

7. There will still be a small amount of water left in the base of the hot tub, this should be dried with a clean cloth / towel.

Drying and cleaning your CleverSpa®

If careful steps are not taken in the drying and cleaning phase of your CleverSpa® dismantling, then your CleverSpa® could become a breeding ground for mould and problems with mildew. These problems can be prevented by ensuring that your CleverSpa® is fully dry in all areas before packaging away. We recommend the use of a wet/dry vacuum to help remove water from pipes and pump lines. It is essential that your CleverSpa® is deep cleaned and sanitised before you pack it away for winter, not only will this ensure there is no build-up and damage to the material during the winter months, but it will also make for less cleaning when you decide to inflate!

Storing your CleverSpa®

Your CleverSpa® should be packed away into a sealed box or bag and stored in a dry space, ideally above floor level to protect against potential spillages or leaks. If the storage space for your CleverSpa® is a garage or outdoor shed, be sure the temperatures do not drop to sub-zero as this can cause damage to the product.

If you follow these simple recommendations, your CleverSpa® will stay fresh through winter and will be very easy to inflate when it comes to next spring! Enjoy your CleverSpa® during these colder months, but just be sure you are taking extra precautions.

If you have any questions, head to our handy video links which show the process in more depth: