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Save Energy with our Universal Thermal Hot Tub Cover

The majority of us living in the UK have come to terms with the fact that we may have seen the back of what seems to have been a very short-lived 2021 summer. Despite it’s shortness, we can certainly speak for everyone when we say that 2021 has been a summer we won’t forget, with the lifting of covid restrictions meaning we were finally able to reunite with our family, friends and loved ones for the first time in many months. The ending of lockdown restrictions brought with it many positives, as we saw the return of parties, summer BBQs and UK staycations, it might not feel like much but after many months in lockdown, making steps towards “normal” definitely felt amazing!

During lockdown and even post-lockdown, we saw many new customers joining the CleverSpa family, and we loved seeing your CleverSpa garden setups. We are so glad that we could make the lack of travelling during lockdown more manageable by providing an alternative tropical relaxation spot from the comfort of your garden. As we see the colder autumnal weather roll in, you will start to notice the leaves turning brown and the air picking up more of a chill. Instead of dreading the change in weather, we are looking forward to making sure that our gardens are ready to enjoy as we enter into the Autumn and Winter months and we can’t think of a better for you way to enjoy your garden in the colder months than from the comfort of your CleverSpa.

In order to enjoy your CleverSpa into the colder months, our team at CleverSpa have developed a state-of-the-art designed thermal hot tub cover in several sizes which easily fit all Hot Tub sizes from all HotTub brands, including those with and without an external motor.

Many people assume that as the colder weather rolls around, using your Inflatable Hot Tub becomes both expensive and hard to maintain, but this certainly doesn’t have to be the case! With the correct steps in place, using your Hot Tub in Autumn can be very simple and just as enjoyable as the summer. By purchasing a Hot Tub Thermal Cover, you can ensure maximum protection from the changing weather, whilst also ensuring costs are to a minimum!

1. Reduced Energy Costs Through Heat Retention

Many Hot Tub owner’s main concerns with running their Hot Tub in the colder months links back to increased heating costs. There are many benefits to purchasing one of our thermal Hot Tub covers but one of the most appealing aspects of this Hot Tub accessory is the insulation properties. Insulating your hot tub with our thermal cover, means that heat retention is improved, making your garden Hot Tub up to 50% more energy efficient. The primary way to save money whilst using your hot tub is to ensure you have a properly fitting hot tub cover which fits your hot tub closely to ensure as much heat is retained as possible. There really is nothing more satisfying than saving money, especially as the weather drops, you can keep your Hot Tub up and running whilst keeping your costs down.

2. Protection From The Winter Weather

Not only do our Thermal Hot Tub Covers provide a barrier between your water and the cold weather, they also provide protection for your Hot Tub from the ever-changing UK weather conditions. By adding your Thermal Spa cover onto your Hot Tub, you can ensure that no external material such as leaves and debris and other materials enters into your spa water, ensuring it is kept clean and ready for use at any time

Why not go the extra mile and purchase your Hot Tub Thermal Cover alongside our Inflatable Cover Support, this accessory will further improve your hot tubs heat retention, whilst also preventing rain-water pooling on top of your cover. Our Inflatable Cover Support is made from strong, waterproof PVC, designed with I-Beam construction for both stability and durability and also features a rapid inflate/deflate boston valve. Your Inflatable Cover Support combined with your thermal cover, is sure to keep your water as insulated as possible.

Not only have our Spa Thermal Covers received double silver awards in the Spa Product of the Year and Energy Efficiency at the UK Pool and Spa Awards, but we also have had various raving reviews from our existing thermal cover customers including the following:

Really pleased with it!”
20th August 2021

“Purchased a thermal cover for my Lay-z Spa, really pleased with it. Ordered one day and it arrived the next, so really can’t fault the service!”

Excellent Buy

15th July 2021

“Got the 208cm cover, really impressed, great quality. Tub currently only drops 1 degrees at night, well worth the money we will save on electric! ”

So if you are looking for a way to continue to enjoy your hot tub as the Summer changes to Autumn, our Spa Thermal Covers are the perfect accessory to invest in this year. Over time, your thermal cover will pay for itself, saving you both time and money!

Browse the accessories page on our website today to find the perfect thermal cover for your hot tub, and continue to enjoy the relaxing hot tub experience with friends and family into the winter months.