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CleverSpa Hot Tub Chemical Maintenance

Maintaining your CleverSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is essential to maximize your enjoyment, and safety!

We’ve put together this handy guide Hot Tub Chemical Maintenance Guide so you’ll know what you need to do and when to do it, plus all the essentials you should have to hand. Once you get the hang of it and it’ll mean you can have complete confidence every time you take a well-deserved dip!

When setting up your CleverSpa Portable Hot Tub for its first time, or if its particularly dirty, it is essential to test the water. You must shock your CleverSpa hot tub in order to break down any organic waste and contamination and re establish a positive level of water cleanliness.

Click here for more information on how and when to shock your hot tub.

To keep your hot tub in pristine condition we recommend that you regularly use CleverSpa Spa Chemicals and Filters which will keep your hot tub clean and safe. Managing the health of your water couldn’t be easier with CleverSpa great range of of Spa Chemicals and Filter Bundles with great cost-savings!

How to Protect your CleverSpa Garden Hot Tub

Keep your CleverSpa Hot Tub covered using the clip on cover provided to protect it from any debris orbugs entering the water, we also suggest you clean the inside of your hot tubs protective lid to avoid any algae growth and bacteria entering your hot tub. Maintaining, cleaning, and looking after your CleverSpa Blow Up Hot Tub is simple with our all-in-one CleverSpa Hot Tub Cleaning Kit, which contains everything you need to keep your CleverSpa as fresh as possible. CleverSpa Sponge also removes any stubborn stains, grease and grime which are easily wiped away giving a thorough clean. A clean and pristine hot tub means you can have a relaxing experience.

CleverSpa Hot Tub Chemical Maintenance Starter Kit

CleverSpa Chemical Starter Kit is the all-round perfect kit to manage the water health of your hot tub.

The kit comes with everything you need to maintain your hot tub water and extend its life.

How to set-up your CleverSpa Hot Tub

You must always test the Chlorine levels daily in your spa water with CleverSpa Test Strips, and adjust accordingly using CleverSpa Stabilised Chlorine Granules. This the most popular way to keep your hot tub water healthy to maintain the correct daily chlorine levels, follow the below steps:

1. Pre-dissolve the required amount of granules in a clean plastic bucket filled with warm water. Stir the solution until the granules are fully dissolved.
2. Ensure that your CleverSpa circulation pump is turned on before slowly pouring the solution directly onto the water surface.
3. Continue to run the circulation pump for 15 mins.
4. Re-test your water and repeat dosage until the Chlorine reading is between 3ppm and 5ppm.
5. Allow 15 minutes before using your CleverSpa®.

Click here to find out recommend dosages.

PH Levels – Minus & Plus

Maintaining the correct pH in your water is essential for your Hot Tubs Chemical Maintenance as failure to do so can result in user discomfort and damage to your Inflatable Hot Tub or Outdoor Pool. The most ideal pH level is between 7.2 to 7.6 and the level should be tested at least two times a week, and always before use.

If the pH level of the spa water is less than 7.2 add the CleverSpa pH Increaser.

Find out more about PH levels with PH Balance Plus, and PH Balance Minus.

CleverSpa Hot Tub Filters

It is essential that you change your filter to extend the life in your CleverSpa hot tub. For optimum performance, the filter needs to be rinsed with clean water AFTER EVERY USE to remove any small particles and residue. The filter is one of the most important elements to ensure your CleverSpa hot tub works effectively.

Replace your old filter with a new one if:
1) The filter remains soiled after cleaning
2) Holes are visible in the paper
3) The paper is noticeably worn.

The frequency of use and condition of your filter will determine how often your filter needs changing, click here for more information for Filter Cleaning Tips.

Removing & Preventing Foam

We recommend using CleverSpa Hot Tub Foam Remover to avoid build up of foam.

If you allow foaming to build up in your hot tub water (caused by soaps, cosmetics and other contaminants) you should remove the foam using CleverSpa Foam Remover. Never allow your spa water to foam excessively, and remove it using the following instructions:

1. Shake plastic canister before using.
2. Turn your hot tub circulation pump on and pour the correct dosage directly into the surface of your water.
3. Allow 15 minutes, and if the foam has not completely been removed repeat the same steps.
4. Do not use your spa for 15 to 20 minutes.

Hard Water / Limescale

60% of homes within the UK have hard water, which can result in limescale creating a blockage causing the pump & heater to overheat & fail, reducing the life of your hot tub. If you live an area with hard water, please ensure that you use the CleverSpa® Descaler weekly to avoid limescale build up.

Browse the Chemical page on our website today to find the best Chemicals for your CleverSpa® hot tub, and continue to enjoy the relaxing hot tub experience with friends and family in the Autumn/Winter months.