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How to Create The Perfect Space for Your Hot Tub

The sun is shining at last, well sometimes, the clocks have gone forward and, we are all turning to our outdoor space for somewhere to relax and unwind.

Investing in an outdoor hot tub can seem daunting, or impossible if you have a limited amount of space, but there is a great non-permanent way to dip your toe in without great upheaval and expense. Inflatable hot tubs don’t need any kind of professional installation and come in all shapes and sizes, so you could literally order one today, and be enjoying a heated, bubbly, filtered hot tub next week. Just in time for the May Bank Holiday.

An inflatable hot tub is a significantly smaller commitment than buying a permanent hot tub (although you might want to pick up a few essential accessories like filters and a thermal cover, too). The CleverSpa Cornwall tub is the perfect choice, if you’re confident you will be a regular user.

The idea of a freestanding hot tub is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of excavating your garden or building a deck around the hot tub, you simply install it as-is. You’ll still need to ensure you prepare the floor where you want to locate your hot tub, to avoid heat loss and punctures, but freestanding tubs generally take up the least amount of space. There are a range of CleverSpa floor mats currently available for square and round tubs, which protect the base and ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Choosing a Location for Your Hot Tub

Where there are mature plants and trees in your garden, you might want to build a deck area around them and use them as shade for your hot tub. It is important to locate your hot tub out of direct sunlight, which may seem strange, but not only will you overheat in full sun, so will your Hot Tub Liner, and over time it will cause the tub to over expand and damage the seams. Blending the tub with its natural surroundings, will create a better experience, look more considered and provide some shelter from any prevailing bad weather.

TOP TIP: Fallen leaves and tree debris that finds its way into your hot tub can be easily dealt with by using a simple net to remove and placing a cover on the tub when not in use.

Clever Spa hot tub on decking at the rear of a house


Hot Tub lighting was once only available for permanent installations, but now there are several great options for inflatable hot tubs. There’s LED strip lights that light the semi translucent areas of the spa, which can be set to rotate through the full colour spectrum, or you can fix the colour to suit your setting. The CleverSpa Manhattan has a subtle skyline design feature in the wall of the tub that allows the LED lights to shine through as they progress through the colour spectrum. A particularly effective feature when using the hot tub after twilight.

Man and a woman sat in a Clever Spa Manhatten Hot Tub

Alternatively, you can opt for the CleverSpa Halo LED light that attaches to the inside of any CleverSpa hot tub and lights up the water in all the colours of the rainbow. This award winning ingenious little light transforms the look of your hot tub, especially if you prefer to unwind in the evening. Both remote controlled and battery powered it is a clever and simple addition to any of the CleverSpa hot tubs.

Clever Spa Hal LED light and remote control

Don’t stop there though. To create the full luxury spa effect, the rest of your outdoor space can be illuminated in a variety of beautiful and practical ways.

Start by putting solar-powered stake lights along the pathway between your hot tub and your house. Then, add lanterns to nearby seating areas, or create a pretty canopy with the brand new CleverSpa Shelter that comes complete with a string of globe lights.

As well as creating privacy the shelter will shield you from any cooler night-time breezes.

Clever Spa shelter tent covering a clever spa hot tub

They are many simple ways to create the perfect setting for your secret sanctuary.

Wooden deck area with spa, table, chairs and fairy lights
Modern patio with sun loungers, clever spa hot tub and view of the garden


Plants are the perfect way to blend your hot tub into its surroundings and provide privacy at the same time. However, it’s also fine to leave the view from your tub relatively unobstructed (especially if you’re proud of your gorgeous garden or are blessed with spectacular views.)

Clever spa hot tub on a large patio overlooking a large garden and field.

Start by planning exactly where you’re going to put tall or large plants to balance privacy with overall composition. A trellis is a great way to create a natural screen if you’re worried about being overlooked while you chill in your hot tub. Add them to fences or pergolas to make them harder to see through, or plant them in movable pots so that you can adjust your privacy to suit the situation. Bamboo is another effective natural screen in your garden. It grows quickly and should ideally be planted in pots to keep them under control.

Comfortable all year-round Patio Seating

Not everyone is going to want to be in the hot tub when you hang out. Don’t ask us why, some people are just strange. In any case, invest in some weatherproof garden furniture so the party can extend beyond the tub. There are some great seating options available, here’s just a few examples that caught our eye.

Modern outdoor corner sofa and table
Clever spa hot tub situated on a small patio at the rear of a house.

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