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Most 5* Rated Inflatable Hot Tub Thermal Cover

Insulation is key to ensuring you get the most from your Inflatable Hot Tub. The CleverSpa Thermal Cover will retain the heat of your Hot Tub, maintaining the temperature of your water, which will save you money by keeping your running costs down.

With recent energy price increases, the CleverSpa Thermal Cover, which is the most 5* rated Inflatable Hot Tub Thermal Cover on the market, is the perfect must-have accessory to keep inflatable Hot Tub running costs down to a minimum all year round. Discover the best Hot Tub Thermal Insulation below..

Reduce Hot Tub running costs by up to 50% using a CleverSpa Thermal Cover

The CleverSpa Double Award-Winning Universal Thermal Covers are an essential accessory for your inflatable Hot Tub, improving heat retention, thanks to the thick layer of thermal insulation, which decreases the amount of heat escaping from the Hot Tub.

The CleverSpa Thermal Covers maintain the water temperature of your Hot Tub by acting as a toasty Thermal Jacket, heating up the Hot Tub water faster, as well as maintaining the water temperature for much longer, decreasing your energy costs!

Energy Efficiency

CleverSpa Thermal Covers are designed and constructed using 3 layers, with the middle layer being a thick layer of thermal insulation, making your Hot Tub up to 50% more energy efficient – saving you money on your energy bills.

A CleverSpa Thermal Cover is ultimately the most convenient solution to make your Hot Tub more cost effective, as it requires less energy to heat up due to the thermal properties – with less heat escaping your Hot Tub requiring less energy to maintain the water temperature.  With a thermal base & thermal cover, the CleverSpa hot tub can cost as little as 5p an hour!*

Industry Leading

CleverSpa Thermal Covers are manufactured using UPF 50+ properties and filled with a thick thermal insulating layer to help you keep your spa toasty-warm all year round. Combining the resilient external fabric with a waterproof coating rated 3000MM, our Universal Thermal Covers provide the ultimate protection withstanding all types of weather.

CleverSpa Thermal Covers are specially designed to be lightweight to make them easy to put on and take off to ensure maximum enjoyment of your Hot Tub. The insultation of your hot tub plays a key role, starting with the heating up your water from cold to warm, right up to maintaining the temperature of the water even after you have turned your heater off!

Find the correct Thermal Cover for your CleverSpa Hot Tub

Compatible with all inflatable Hot Tubs, CleverSpa Thermal Covers are available in 5 sizes in both round & square shapes, which are designed to fit most brands of inflatable Hot Tubs (including Lay Z Spa & Wave Spa).

The removable zip off door accommodates hot tubs with and without an external pump & heating system. The adjustable straps also provide a secure, snug fit, to ensure the minimum amount of heat escapes in all weather conditions.

How to Use your CleverSpa Thermal Cover

The Thermal Cover is placed on top of your existing inflatable Hot Tub Clip on Cover. If your Hot Tub has an internal pump and heating system, simply pull the cover across your Hot Tub above your Clip-on Hot Tub Cover. The Cover will sit tightly around your Hot Tub to maximise energy efficiency. If your Hot Tub has an external pump and heating system unzip the removable zip-off door and pull the Cover across your Hot Tub. You have the option to remove the zip-off door fully or, to further aid heat retention, you can leave the door part zipped.

How to Store your CleverSpa Thermal Cover

At Clever Company we’ve tried to think of everything.  So, if you’re putting your Hot Tub away at any time – make sure your store your thermal cover somewhere safe and dry.  Ensure first that your thermal cover is totally dry, then turn the thermal cover inside out.  Fold into 3-4 sections then roll tightly.  Once rolled, place in the vacuum bag that was supplied with your thermal cover, remove the cap & suck the air out with a vacuum to remove all the air.  This will ensure that your thermal cover can be safely stored away without taking up too much space!

*Costs will vary based on electricity supplier, tariff & ambient temperature.

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Don’t just take our word for it – CleverSpa are the most 5 Star reviewed Thermal Cover

Small Round
Thermal Cover
Medium Round Thermal Cover Small Square Thermal Cover Large Square Thermal Cover
Amalfi 4 Person Round
Antigua 4 Person Round
Biarritz 4 Person Round
Borneo 4 Person Round
Brooklyn 4 Person Round
Cadiz 4 Person Round
Cannes 4 Person Round
Cotswolds 4 Person Round
Dakota 4 Person Round
Inyo 4 Person Round
Maevea 4 Person Round
Malaga 4 Person Round Cornwall 7 Person Round Drop Stitch Drop Stitch
Black Label Drop Stitch New Hampshire 7 Person Round
Black Label Drop Stitch Waikiki 7 Person Round Grenada 4 Person Round Manhattan 4 Person Round
Mia 4 Person Round Monte Carlo 7 Person Round Drop Stitch Onyx 4 Person Round
Perissa 4 Person Round
Sequioa 4 Person Round Turin 4 person Round
Waikiki 4 Person Round with Lights  
Biarritz 6 Person Round
Bondi 6 Person Round
Cannes 6 Person Round Cuba 6 person Round
Florence 6 Person Round
Maevea 6 Person Round
Maui 6 Person Round
Monte Carlo 6 Person Round
Oceana 6 Person Round Lucca 6 Person Round Panama 6 Person Round Turin 6 person Round
Waikiki 6 Person Round  
Onyx 4 Person Square Belize 6 Person Square Cuba 6 Peron Square
Mia 6 Person Square (Previously Corona)
New Hampshire 6 Person Square
Paradiso 6 Person Square Carrara 6 person Square
Sorrento 6 Person Square Onyx 6 Person Square Perissa 6 Person Square  

*CleverSpa Large Round Thermal Cover fits Hot Tubs up to 216cm.

Extra tips to reduce hot tub running costs & how to save 50% on your energy costs!

1. Use a CleverSpa® Insulated Floor Protector to protect and insulate the base of your Hot Tub.

2. Place your hot tub in a sheltered location.

3. Use a CleverSpa Inflatable Cover Support to improve heat retention of your Hot Tub, as well as preventing rainwater from pooling.