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Autumn Has Arrived!

CleverSpa Cannes Hot Tub Under Lights

As the leaves change colour and the temperature drops it is a clear sign that autumn is here! That means that you need to look after your inflatable hot tub differently. Regular maintenance in autumn is particularly important if you want to ensure that your hot tub remains in a good, safe condition all-year-round.

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Insulate Your Inflatable Hot Tub

First things first, place your Inflatable Hot Tub on a smooth even surface and lay some Insulation Floor Mats, that will not only prevent the base of your Hot Tub becoming cold from any drop in the ground temperature, but it will also reduce the chances of punctures.

The next accessory you should seriously consider is an Inflatable Hot Tub Cover Support. These ingenious products act as a lid to prevent the heat from escaping by adding extra insulation and preventing rainwater from pooling on the top of the Inflatable Tub when not in use.

The Final ’icing on the cake’ for the ultimate heat retention and biggest reduction of energy use is the double award winning CleverSpa Thermal Insulation Cover, the most 5* rated Inflatable Hot Tub Cover on the market. You can reduce your Inflatable Hot Tub running costs by up to 50% with this product alone.

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Hot Tub Chemicals Keep Water Clean & Clear

Maintaining your Inflatable Hot Tub is essential to maximize your enjoyment with friends and family in the Autumn Months. To ensure you keep your hot tub in pristine condition we recommend that you regularly use CleverSpa Spa Chemicals and Filters which will keep your hot tub water clean and safe. This couldn’t be easier with CleverSpa great range of Spa Chemicals, with great cost-savings using our Spend & Save Promotion – saving you up to 50%!*

To effectively keep your inflatable hot tubs water in pristine condition, we recommend that you change your hot tub water at least once every 1-3 months, depending on how frequently you use your hot tub. Replacing your used water with new water will offer you a much more comfortable soak, removing all contaminants in the water such as: shampoo, body oils and washing powders from your swimming costume.

Clean & Check Your Filter Regularly

For running efficiency, Hot Tub Filter Cartridges keep your hot tub safe from contaminants, keeping your water clean and hygienic. CleverSpa Filter Cartridges remove any debris, dirt, or bacteria, which will decrease the possibility of it harbouring harmful elements that could cause damage to your health and your hot tub.  See more Filter Cleaning Tips here.