6 Best Places To Kayak In The UK

There are few better ways to explore the UK countryside than from water level in a kayak. As one of the fastest growing watersports communities in the UK, there are plenty of scenic kayaking locations for you to visit.

Will you choose to kayak solo or with a friend? The Clever AirPro® Kayaks come in 2 sizes – for 1 or 2 person use. Escape to the water in the 1-seater kayak to enjoy a relaxing solo adventure or pick the 2-seater for a fun challenge with a friend or loved one. Whether this is your first time kayaking or you are a watersports pro, our Clever AirPro® X1 and X2 Kayaks are easy to use, simple to inflate and are guaranteed to bring a new sense of adventure to your spring and summer plans this year!

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5 Reasons the CleverSpa® Sorrento is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Whether your mum lives thousands of miles away, or you still live under the same roof, Mother’s Day is an important opportunity to show your mum how much you love and appreciate her. Get 31st March 2019 in your diaries and put some plans in place to make her day extra special! Your mum deserves the best so why not treat her to the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. Here are 5 reasons why the CleverSpa® Sorrento makes the perfect gift this year.

Available exclusively at Homebase.

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CleverSpa® at GoOutdoors

Hot on the heels of 2018’s success, we are delighted to announce that the CleverSpa® Sequoia 4 – person hot tub will once again be exclusively stocked in GoOutdoors. The warm water of the Sequoia spa is ideal for winding down after a long day at work, enjoying time with friends and family or celebrating a special occasion. The CleverSpa® Sequoia is a perfect addition to any outdoor space and can be enjoyed all year round, whether you’re relaxing on hot summer day or getting toasty on a cold winter night. What are you waiting for?

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Clever AirPro® 305 iSUP at Go Outdoors

The Clever Company are very excited to announce that our new range of Clever AirPro® watersports products are now in stock online and in 9 Go Outdoors stores.

This range includes our Clever AirPro 305 iSUP which is a 10ft inflatable, lightweight, stand up paddleboard. Our brand new iSUP is the perfect excuse to get out onto the water whilst enjoying the great outdoors, whether you are a first-time paddleboarder or a seasoned expert, our board is essential for the best paddleboarding experience.

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Clever AirPro® X1 and X2 Kayaks

The Clever Company are proud to launch their range of Clever AirPro® X1 and X2 Kayaks which are now available in every Go Outdoors store. With Kayaks suitable for both one and two person use, why not get onto the water with a friend or even go solo? Be sure to head to your nearest Go Outdoors store to get your hands on a Clever AirPro® Kayak and join one of the fastest growing water sport communities in the UK.

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CleverSpa® at Homebase

As a go-to store for outdoor furniture and garden improvement, we are excited to announce that a wide range of our CleverSpa® products will be stocked in Homebase stores from March.

Homebase stocking our products makes them accessible to everyone, meaning you can easily pop to your local Homebase to purchase a Sorrento CleverSpa®. Keep reading to find out the range of Clever Company products which will be stocked in Homebase this month…

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CleverSpa® at JD Williams

After a long day at the office, taking a dip in the warm water of a CleverSpa® is the perfect way to wind down and escape from the day’s stress, providing both physical and mental relief from a busy day. We are excited to announce that our CleverSpa® Inyo and CleverSpa® Paradiso are now available to purchase in JD Williams both online and in their catalogue.

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