National Energy Saving Week

There is nothing we love more than crisp winter days however it is important to protect your CleverSpa® from extreme weather conditions. Using your CleverSpa® in the colder months is great fun for you and your family and is the perfect time of year to relax in the warm bubbly water during the winter.

When the temperature outside is cold, insulation is key, and some additional care is required to ensure you get the most from your CleverSpa® hot tub. You can do this is by maintaining the optimum temperature of your water for as long as possible, to effectively save you money and keep your running costs down.

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The UK Pool and Spa Awards

The UK Pool and Spa Awards was founded in 2010, which is open to all organizations within the water leisure industry. The objective of the competition is to increase profiles for pool, and spa businesses within the industry.

With entries for 30 categories, we are delighted to announce that our team at Clever Company Ltd have achieved five prestigious awards.

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Packing away your CleverSpa® in the Winter

If you are keeping your CleverSpa® Hot Tub out for the winter, the warm bubbly water can be the perfect relaxing oasis in the colder months for you and your family. When the temperature starts to drop and the days begin to get shorter, your CleverSpa® maintenance routine may need to change slightly compared to the summer months and it is essential to prepare your CleverSpa® for the colder weather to ensure you get the most your CleverSpa® can offer.

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Using Your Hot Tub In The Autumn Months

It’s finally time to accept that the summer months are drawing to an end as the colder weather begins to creep in. You may be wondering how you can make the most of your CleverSpa® in the colder months whilst protecting it from the everchanging UK weather. Despite the colder weather, many hot tub owners tell us that this is their favourite time of the year to relax in their hot tubs as they love the soothing hot water in contrast to the cold air!

If you are already a CleverSpa® owner or are looking to purchase a CleverSpa®Hot Tub, keep reading to find out how we recommend enjoying your hot tub in the Autumn and Winter months.

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Easter Weekend Hot Tubs

Make the most of family time this Easter weekend in your CleverSpa® from The Range.

Easter is a time to officially wave goodbye to the winter. Time to embrace and welcome spring!
During self-isolation, the long Easter weekend is the perfect time to make the most of being at home and breathe in the fresh spring air whilst enjoying time in your garden. Easter is the best time for your family to relax together and make the most of the Bank Holiday weekend.

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CleverSpa® Wins Two Awards At The Pool and Spa Awards!

Founded in 2010, the UK Pool and Spa Awards is an awards ceremony which brings together a range of companies involved in water leisure. Throughout the Pool and Spa Awards 10 year history, they have certainly earned themselves a reputation as a sought after award which industry professionals are striving to win and add to their list.

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Planning the Perfect Date Night For Valentine’s Day

The season of love is officially upon us, so it is time to turn on the romance and begin preparing for the perfect Valentine’s date for you and your loved one. Who will you be spending your Valentine’s with this year? Whether you are relaxing with your partner or are organising a Valentine’s party for you and your girlfriends, no matter who you are celebrating with, make your night relaxing, fun and unforgettable with a CleverSpa®experience.

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CleverSpa® Relaxation Tips for 2020

The New Year is a great time to reflect on our everyday habits and attempt to make healthier changes to our lives. Despite this, creating unrealistic resolutions can be demoralising and leave you feeling defeated when they eventually fail but creating realistic goals for the year is a great way to make healthy changes to your lifestyle! Losing weight and exercising more are popular resolutions, but the simple act of incorporating healthy lifestyle choices to reduce stress can really improve everyday health and wellbeing, especially when enjoyed alongside a healthy and active lifestyle. Add relaxation to your daily routine this year and ensure you are taking time out every day to really focus on yourself.

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