CleverSpa® Hot Tub Bundle

Cannes & Biarritz Hot Tub with Starter Kit & Filter Bundle

The CleverSpa® Cannes and Biarritz are luxurious inflatable round hot tubs, made from Triple-S PVC fabric, available in soft Cappuccino and stylish Grey leatherette finishes. Providing both durability and ultimate comfort, the jacuzzi experience is perfect to add a touch of luxury to any outdoor space and compliment all garden themes. Featuring the 365 Freezguard all-year-round use.

The CleverSpa® Cannes and Biarritz Inflatable hot tubs are sold as part of a Bundle offer, which includes a pack of 2 CleverSpa® Filters, and a CleverSpa® Chemical Spa Starter Kit, which are essential to monitor, and treat the water in your CleverSpa® Inflatable hot tub and more importantly to maximise enjoyment.

Starter Kit and FILTER BUNDLE

• 500g of CleverSpa® Chlorine Granules
• 500g of CleverSpa® pH Balance Minus
• 500g of CleverSpa® pH Balance Plus
• 500ml of CleverSpa® Foam Remover
• 25 x Chlorine and Alkalinity Test Strips
• CleverSpa® Filter Cartridge – 1 pack of 2

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Showing all 3 results