CleverSpa Hot Tub Filters

Keep your CleverSpa clean and safe from contaminants and clean and maintain your Hot Tub Filter on a weekly basis. The Filter is one of the most important elements to ensure your CleverSpa Inflatable Hot Tub works effectively.

For optimum performance, unscrew the filter and rinse with clean water after every use to remove any small particles and residue.

Replace your old filter with a new one if:
– The Filter remains soiled after cleaning
– Holes are visible in the paper
– The Filter Paper is noticeably worn

How to change your Hot Tub Filter:
1. Remove the filter ‘sock’ protector cover and then remove the old filter cartridge, by turning anti-clockwise.
2. Replace with a new filter, turning clockwise. Don’t over tighten as this will cause a ‘rattling’ noise.
3. Finally, replace the protective ‘sock’ cover over the filter.

Clever tip to clean your Hot Tub Filters:
Machines wash your filter (place in a pillowcase) to keep them clean and to maintain their performance. We suggest rotating filters to always have a clean filter to hand.
Old/dirty filters do need replacing with new ones; however this cleaning tip should extend their life.

All Filters are compatible with all CleverSpa Hot Tubs.

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