CleverSpa® Universal Thermal Covers

UK Pool & Spa Awards Silver

Insulated Covers for Hot Hubs

The Double Award winning easy-to-fit CleverSpa® Universal Thermal hot tub cover not only improves heat retention of your hot tub, saving you money on your energy bill, but also increases the style and appearance of the hot tub providing an added thermal jacket to insulate your garden spa.

Ultimately, CleverSpa® Universal Thermal hot tub cover decreases the amount of warmth escaping from your hot tub, thus maintaining the heat more efficiently, making it up to 50% more cost-effective.

Our range of CleverSpa® Universal insulation jackets are available in various sizes, designed to fit most brands of inflatable hot tubs with and without an external pump and heating system, manufactured using waterproof and UPF 50+ properties, providing ultimate protection against extreme weather conditions.

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Showing all 5 results