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CleverSpa® Inflatable Hot Tubs

Turn any garden or patio into a space that can be used the whole year round with a CleverSpa® inflatable hot tub. In the summer time, it’s the perfect way to chill out with family and friends while you enjoy a cold drink and the laid-back vibe that’s all part of the relaxing and rejuvenating hot tub experience.

And even in the coldest evenings can’t stop the party when there’s a warm welcome up to 40°C and hundreds (up to 140) of powerful underwater bubblejets waiting to massage away the winter blues.

Enhance the CleverSpa® experience by choosing the hot tubs with LED all surrounding lights, as well as adding on drink holders and headrests from the range of CleverSpa® accessories.

What makes the CleverSpa® Clever?

With inspiring print finishes like Welsh Slate, Bamboo and Rattan, the CleverSpa® isn’t just a hot tub. It’s a piece of garden furniture that complements a person’s sense of style perfectly. But it’s when you start using it that you really appreciate its clever design features.

The built-in pump and heating system (unlike most hot tubs where the units are separate) gives you so much more flexibility over where it is positioned in a garden setting. The integrated digital control panel on the rim of the CleverSpa® means that there’s no need to get out to adjust the temperature. Just reach over and boost the heat – or the bubbles – at the touch of a button. Easy!

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