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Clever AIRPRO® Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities. That’s partly down to its simplicity, and the fact that anyone of any age can get on board and start enjoying it pretty much straight away. And now, with the AIRPRO® inflatable stand up paddle boards (or iSUPs for short), it’s even easier to take to the water on two feet.

Durable, lightweight materials and clever design details are the key. Take the AIRPRO® iSUP anywhere in the handy back pack, pump it up until it’s firm (up to 15psi) and it’s ready to go!

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What makes the AIRPRO® iSUPS Clever?

Once inflated, the Clever AIRPRO® iSUPs have all the rigidity and stability of a solid board, yet when they’re packed away in their bespoke back pack, they can be taken practically anywhere without a roof rack or even a car for that matter!

The secret is in the advanced material they are manufactured from. The drop-stitch fabric is engineered using thousands of polyester threads, ensuring the board keeps its shape at all times. Enjoy the ease and flexibility of an inflatable board with all the ride quality and rigidity of a solid paddle board.

The Clever iSup Range

Clever AIRPRO® 305
Clever AIRPRO® 305