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Clever AIRPRO® Inflatable Kayaks

One of the oldest and easiest ways to get on the water, the simple kayak gets a 21st century upgrade in the AIRPRO® range. Modern, lightweight materials make them easy to transport.  And once on the beach or the riverbank, they can be inflated and ready for action in minutes.

Clever AIRPRO® Kayaks include all the accessories needed to start exploring the waterways, straight out of the box. So, there’s no need to spend a penny extra to get going. Choose a single seat design if going alone or share the adventure in a two-seat model.

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What makes the AIRPRO® Kayaks Clever?

The Clever AIRPRO® inflatable kayak range gives so much more flexibility and ease than a wooden or fibreglass design. Unexpected free weekend? Just pack the kayak into the boot of the car and set off!

Both AIRPRO® models are made from durable, high quality PVC. Designed with multiple air chambers on both kayaks, you will remain safe and afloat should one air chamber become damaged unexpectedly.

What if the worst happens and a piece of glass or a sharp stone takes the wind out of your sails by taking the air out of the kayak? Well, that’s the clever part. It’s been designed with separate internal air chambers so that even if they do spring a leak, you still stay safely afloat.

The Clever Kayaks

Clever AIRPRO® X1
Clever AIRPRO® X1