Clever Sleeping Bags

the roll out complete Kids bed

Clever Sleeping Bag is a great addition to take on any adventure, whether it’s over to a friend’s house, a night at Granma’s and Grandpa’s, or heading out into the world on a camping trip.

Cosy up into the Clever Sleeping Bag and you will find a soft foam base mattress and a snuggly warm zip up duvet cover that’s all in one. And when you’re on a camping adventure you will be kept warm be it spring time, summer time and even autumn.

Clever Sleeping Bag is no hassle to keep clean as you can simply unzip the foam mattress and remove to wash separately with the duvet and bottom sheet being all in one and washed to 30C in the washing machine.
When finished just roll back up this extremely lightweight Clever Sleeping Bag, and clip ready for storage or the next adventure.

It’s Clever to choose Clever Sleeping Bag.

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