CleverSpa Chemical Starter Kit and 2 Filter Cartridges Set


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This CleverSpa Chemical Starter Kit is perfect if you have recently purchased a hot tub from our CleverSpa collection. The kit comes with everything you need to maintain your spa and extend its life, ensuring optimal performance is maintained. It is essential that you regularly monitor and treat the water in your CleverSpa to maximise your enjoyment, which is why we have also included a guide that will walk you through every step of maintenance, and allow you to sit back, relax, revitalise and rejuvenate.

CleverSpa replacement water filter cartridges are made from high-grade paper offering optimal filter performance, keeping your CleverSpa clean and safe from contaminants. They are very easy to install and maintain.

CleverSpa recommend you clean your hot tub filter regularly and change your filter each 168 hours (7 days) of heating and filtering the water. For weekend use only (Fri – Sun) the CleverSpa filter should be changed every 2 weeks.

The filter cartridges are compatible with all CleverSpa hot tubs.

You will receive 2 filter cartridges.

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A complete set of chemicals to ensure that your CleverSpa water is clean and bacteria free every time you use it.

The complete set includes:

• 500g of CleverSpa Chlorine Granules
• 500g of CleverSpa pH Balance Minus
• 500g of CleverSpa pH Balance Plus
• 500ml of CleverSpa Anti Foam
• 25 x Chlorine and Alkalinity Test Strips
• 2 x Hot Tub Filter Catridges

To clean your filter, simply rinse them under the tap. If they remain dirty or discoloured after rinsing, they must be replaced.

If you do not change your filters, you risk damaging the pump, due to increased energy consumption and stress on the system as the water circulates.