CleverSpa® Clever Sponge x3

The CleverSpa® Clever Sponge is the clever eco-friendly way to clean your hot tub. Just add water to your CleverSpa® Sponge and clean your surface as normal, no need for any chemicals or detergents. Watch as dirt, stubborn stains, grease and grime are easily wiped away!

The CleverSpa® Sponge is chemical free, so it is safe to use even when your hot tub is full of water; saving both time and water as you don’t need to drain your tub in order to give it a thorough clean!

Pack Size: 3

SKU: 8060


Whilst the CleverSpa® Clever Sponge is THE product to use to clean your CleverSpa®, due to its clever design your Clever Sponge can also be used for cleaning the following too:-
– All Hot Tubs
– Pools & Covers
– External Heaters
– Pipes & Hoses
– Garden & Patio Furniture
– Tiles
– Plastics
– Household Dishes

Technical Specification
• Pack Size: 3