CleverSpa® Measuring Set

Ideal for measuring hot tub and swimming pool chemicals.

Simplify how you measure your chemicals by using the CleverSpa® Measuring Set.

A complete 6-piece set with 3 different sized Measuring Scoops ensuring you can measure your chemicals quickly and accurately.

By using the CleverSpa® Measuring Scoops, you will reduce the risk of over/under dosing your CleverSpa® hot tub or swimming pool.

Maintaining the correct Chlorine and Ph levels is vital to extending the cleanliness and overall health of your hot tub or pool. Using a designated measuring set for chemical maintenance ensures your hot tub/pool chemicals can’t contaminate other household measuring equipment.

SKU: 8244


Technical Specification:
• 1 x 1L Measuring Jug
• 1 x 100ml Measuring Cup
• 1 x 50ml Measuring Scoop
• 1 x 10ml Measuring Scoop
• 1 x 5ml Measuring Scoop
• 1 x Mixing Rod