CleverSpa® Smart Bundle with Chemical Starter Kit and 12 Filters


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The CleverSpa® Smart Bundle comes with everything you need to maintain your spa and extend its life, ensuring optimal performance is maintained. This bundle also includes 12 x Filters.

CleverSpa® replacement water filter cartridges are made from high-grade paper offering optimal filter performance, keeping your CleverSpa® clean and safe from contaminants. They are very easy to install and maintain.

CleverSpa® recommend you clean your hot tub filter regularly and change your filter after 168 hours (7 days) of heating and filtering the water. For weekend use only (Fri – Sun) the CleverSpa® filter should be changed every 2 weeks.

Compatible with all CleverSpa® Hot Tubs.

It is essential that you regularly monitor and treat the water in your CleverSpa® hot tub to maximise your enjoyment. Included in the kit is a guide to walk you through every step of maintenance.

Be Smart. Choose Clever.

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Product Information:

• 12 x Filters
• 500g of CleverSpa® Chlorine Granules
• 500g of CleverSpa® pH Balance Minus
• 500g of CleverSpa® pH Balance Plus
• 500ml of CleverSpa® Anti Foam
• 25 x Chlorine and Alkalinity Test Strips