CleverSpa® Universal Thermal Hot Tub Cover – 180cms (4 & 7 Person Round)

This easy-to-fit Thermal Hot Tub Cover improves heat retention due to the thermal insulation making it up to 50% more energy efficient – saving you money! The cover is waterproof as well as UPF 50+ providing protection from extreme weather conditions.

The Universal Thermal Cover fits all round hot tubs up to 180cms with and without an external motor. The removeable zip-off door accommodates hot tubs with external motors. The webbing straps and locking clips provide a safe and secure fit. With improved energy efficiency, using your hot tub all year round couldn’t be easier, and is now more viable.

CleverSpa® Onyx, CleverSpa® Inyo, CleverSpa® 4 person Corona, CleverSpa® Malaga, CleverSpa® Borneo, CleverSpa® Dakota, CleverSpa® Brooklyn, CleverSpa® Amalfi, CleverSpa® Antigua, CleverSpa® Sequoia, CleverSpa® Maevea, CleverSpa® Celtic FC.
Also fits: CleverSpa® Black Label Drop Stitch Waikiki 7 person round hot tub

NOTE: The thermal cover is packaged inside out. Turn the correct way around, placing the logos on top to ensure the thermal cover is waterproof.

SKU: 8286

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