CleverSpa® Waikiki Inflatable 6-Person Hot Tub

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Revitalise, Rejuvenate, Relax
The CleverSpa® Waikiki Inflatable Hot Tub is a perfect addition to any garden. Ideal for winding down after a hard days work, enjoying with friends and family or for celebrating a special occasion. The CleverSpa® is designed so that you can enjoy it all year round, whether on those hot summer days or to warm you up on colder winter nights.

The Clever Stuff Behind the CleverSpa®
What separates the CleverSpa® from any other inflatable hot tub in the market is its unique space saving, built-in pump & heating system. Allowing you the freedom to position the CleverSpa® in almost any location of your garden, meaning you can create your very own sanctuary. The CleverSpa® is made from super strong Triple-S Fabric® and the contemporary design of the CleverSpa® Waikiki Grey Ashenwood print, simply gives it that wow factor!

The easy to reach integrated digital control panel, means you can set the CleverSpa to your preferred temperature, up to 40°C, and with its cushioned floor you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the 130 powerful massaging bubble jets that surround you.

The beauty of the CleverSpa Waikiki is that it is so easy to pack away, in can be done in no time. It also stores in a convenient bag so you can even take it away with you – it doesn’t need to stay in the garden or garage.

SKU: 7901


Size 2.08m Diameter x 0.65m High
Air Jets 130
Heater Built-in design – 1800W
Pump Integrated – 600W
Temp 1-1.5°C temp increase rate per hour
Power Cable 5m length
Water Capacity 1,000L
Air Massage air blower included
Heating 42°C rapid heating system
Filled Weight 1,035kgs
Assembly Easy setup
Inflation time Approx 5 minutes
Material Inflatable walls made of durable Triple-S® PVC fabric
Top Cover Silver-backed to retain heat with double locking safety clips

Getting Started
Setting up your CleverSpa® couldn’t be easier, simply plug it in, connect the hose and inflate. The CleverSpa®, unlike the competition, is fully inflated in just 5 minutes. All you need to do is fill it up and set to the temperature… it’s that easy!

For Added Peace of Mind
When it comes to water and children, we understand safety is of the uppermost importance. Children should not be left unaccompanied. With this in mind the CleverSpa’s foil backed heat retaining top cover has been designed to be extra safe. Once clipped in place, you can double lock each clip with the safety locking keys provided, keeping you and your little ones safe at all times.

Comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. For more information click here.

The CleverSpa® Waikiki Inflatable Hot Tub really is the must have product to compliment your home and garden. For the very best in inflatable Spa’s, be smart, choose Clever!

CleverSpa® Waikiki Reviews

Waikiki CleverSpa – Brilliant buy

"Got this hot tub 3 weeks ago and it has been the Best Buy of the year! We have used it rain or shine and every single day so far! Already have our moneys worth and couldn’t recommend this product enough, already been used by family and friends and they also love it! Great value for money especially with an integrated system. Easy set up and simple to use."

From Tesco Direct June 2, 2018

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Replacement covers available: for more information and prices please contact the Clever Aftersales Team.