CleverSpa Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the CleverSpa®. If you cannot find an answer, please contact us.

How is the CleverSpa® assembled?

To ensure that you understand how all of the controls work, in the first instance we suggest that you read the instructions which we hope you agree are very clear and simple to follow. This will advise you on the exact procedure needed to assemble your CleverSpa®. When first assembling, we estimate it will take just a couple of minutes, for all other occasions you should be able to assemble ready for inflation in under a minute! Watch the video: Learn To Set Up And Inflate Your CleverSpa® Hot Tub.

How long does it take to inflate my CleverSpa®?

As the motor and heater system is built in and already connected, once the CleverSpa® is correctly positioned on a surface that is flat, sufficiently strong to take the weight of the filled spa and clear of stones and sharp objects, it can be inflated and ready for filling with water in approximately 5 minutes.

How do you set the temperature of your CleverSpa®?

Follow the 5 easy steps below (click each step below for image references):

Important to note:
– When the temperature is reached, the heater and filter will stop, however, the heater light will remain on.
– When the temperature in the water falls 2°C below the set temperature, the heater will start automatically again, until the pre-set temperature is reached.

How long does it take to deflate my CleverSpa®?

Once the deflation valve is fully removed, if you allow the spa to deflate naturally then it could take 30 minutes for the spa to lose all of its air and be ready for repacking and storing. For faster storage, once the spa has been emptied and fully dried, we suggest the deflation valve be removed and then each side of the spa should be folded in and pressed down to push air out of the valve. This should be repeated folding the back over the sides which again will squeeze further air out. Before it is stores, remember to screw in the inflation valve to make sure it doesn’t become lost. Watch the video: How To Pack Away Your CleverSpa® Hot Tub.

What is the highest water temperature, when in use?

The CleverSpa® can heat the water to 42°C, but the typical operating temperature of a hot tub is between 34-38°C.

What if the temperature of the water is not rising?

It may be that if your filter is dirty it is not allowing water to be drawn through to the internal heater where it is heated and pumped back into the Spa. Where filters are seriously blocked you may hear a loud noise from the control system when the heater and filter lights are on. To resolve this, please remove the existing filter and change for a new one to see if this solves the problem. Please ensure you give sufficient time to see the water temperature rising.

How is the filter attached?

It is really easy to fit the filter, just screw it onto the filter connector which is located just above the floor of the hot tub in line with the control module.

Can you replace the control panel in my CleverSpa®?

Yes, the control panel can be replaced if it develops a fault. We would always recommend our in-house Tech Team carries out repairs whether under warranty or as a “paid for” parts replacement. In the first instance call a member of the Customer Services team on 08000 323 313

Can the Control Panel be used without water?

There are just two times when you should use the control panel when no water is inside the hot tub: the first is to inflate it and the second is to dry the tube in the base where the bubbles are generated (when empty just switch bubbling on for 1 minute before towel drying for storage).

Can the CleverSpa® be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes it can be used both indoors and outside, but great care should be taken when using the product indoors in case of accidents and the potential for damage that could be caused to carpet and furnishings etc. CleverSpa® would not accept any liability for losses or damage incurred through the use of its hot tub product indoors.

Can the CleverSpa® be used on any surface?

No it can’t – care should be taken when positioning your hot tub. CleverSpa® must be located on a surface that is flat and totally clear of stones and sharp objects, do not locate it on uneven surfaces or any surface that has the potential to burst the vinyl base. Whilst CleverSpa® is constructed from very high quality materials, sharp objects will penetrate it causing it to lose air, or worse if filled with water, the collapse of the spa and release of all water! Please ensure that wherever the hot tub is placed that the supporting structure (if a deck etc.) is capable of supporting the total weight of the filled spa. Whilst the CleverSpa® appears relatively lightweight when inflated, when filled with water it rapidly becomes very, very heavy! A 4 person CleverSpa® will weigh over 800 kilograms and the 6 person over 1 tonne (or 2,204 lbs)!

Can the CleverSpa® be used in all types of weathers?

The CleverSpa® can be used in all weathers but it is advised not to use during extreme weathers (high winds or low temperatures (less than 6°C) as this could damage your hot tub.

Can the CleverSpa® be left outdoors in the rain?

Yes it can, but we recommend it is always covered when not in use to protect the control module and the spa water.

Is the plug ok to be outdoors and left if starts raining?

Your CleverSpa® should only be plugged into a mains electrical outlet that is designed for outdoor use. If an electrical extension lead is being used, it should be unplugged before rain makes any contact with it.

How can you clean the water in the CleverSpa®?

To maintain clean water in your hot tub, we recommend that you purchase and use the CleverSpa® Spa Chemical Kit which will maintain the health of your water – this can be purchased here.

How do you clean the walls of the CleverSpa®?

We recommend this to be done with the Clever Sponge – available soon.

How often does the filter need changing?

To ensure clear water, the filter should be changed regularly but this does depend on how frequently the spa is used and how dirty the water has become. The length of time your CleverSpa® filter lasts is dictated by the time you have your heat/filter functions on.

We recommend that you change your CleverSpa® filter each 168 hours (7 days) of heating & filtering the water.

For weekend use only (Fri – Sun) the filter should be changed every 2 weeks.

You may from time to time clean your filter under the cold water tap but we DON’T recommend constant rotation and cleaning of filters with hoses or by jet washing due to water degradation and potential damage of the paper folds within the filter.

Your filter and chemical usage are the most important elements regarding the ongoing maintenance of your CleverSpa®. You can buy both here: Filters and Chemicals.

How will I know that the filter isn’t working properly?

A simple check is to put your hand in front of the filter. You should be able to feel good suction when your CleverSpa® is heating. If you don’t feel any suction, please turn your CleverSpa® off, either at the mains or by pressing the yellow button on the RCD plug. Once you have fitted a NEW filter press the GREEN button on the RCD plug to reset the system. Then refer to your owner’s manual to go through the temperature setting procedure.

The integrated heating system in your CleverSpa® pumps the water through the filter into the heating elements. Once the filter starts to degrade the motor will have to work harder (become slightly noisier) to pump the water around the system.

Another sign that your filter needs changing will be the temperature on your CleverSpa® panel fluctuating up or down.

How many people can fit into my CleverSpa®?

The number of users is clearly specified for each product. CleverSpa® manufactures two sizes at present, a 4 person and a 6 person hot tub.

Can my children come in the CleverSpa® with me?

For health and safety reasons, we do not recommend any child under the age of 8 years use our hot tubs. If a child older than 8 years is using the hot tub, then we recommend that the temperature be set no higher than 37°C. At no time should any child be left unsupervised in the hot tub and when not in use the cover should be fitted and locked, this will not only help to retain the heat in the water but it will also ensure that no unsupervised child can access the hot tub.

I’m Pregnant, am I ok to use the CleverSpa®?

We don’t recommend you use the CleverSpa® during pregnancy. Soaking in hot water over a prolonged period of time may cause damage to the unborn foetus.

How long does it to take to fill the hot tub?

Typically, at standard household water pressure, it takes approximately 60 minutes to fill the 4 person hot tub and 75 minutes to fill the 6 person hot tub.

How do you empty your CleverSpa® and how long does it take?

1. Firstly, remove the CleverSpa® plug from the electrical mains.
2. Make sure the drainage plug is in place on the floor of the CleverSpa®.
3. Open the water outlet on the outer wall of the CleverSpa®. Screw one end of the inflation hose into it.
4. Pull the plastic plug off from the outlet in the floor of the CleverSpa®, then the water will flow out.
5. When there is no water in the CleverSpa®, you must put on the bubble function for 30 seconds to drain the water in the air pipeline.
6. When drainage is finished, remove the inflation hose and replace the drainage cap.

Watch the video: How To Empty Your CleverSpa® Hot Tub.

What happens if I puncture my CleverSpa®?

All CleverSpa® Inflatable Hot Tubs are supplied with water-resistant PVC repair patches.

How to apply a repair patch:
To apply the puncture repair patch, we firstly recommend you do this whilst the spa is inflated. If the puncture is quite large, you should keep the pump on whilst you make the repair to avoid it deflating before you can apply the repair patch.

Ensure that the surface to be repaired is clean and dry before applying the repair patch. We recommend using Loctite super glue (not supplied). Apply the glue directly to the repair patch and carefully stick in place, leaving it to set for at least 30 minutes before refilling with water.

CleverSpa® offer a repair service
CleverSpa® charge £35.00 (inc. VAT) to repair punctures which includes collection and delivery of your spa.

If the deflation is due to a manufacturing fault, this should be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact our After Sales Team on 0800 0323 313 to discuss this issue further.

How to locate a puncture on my CleverSpa®:
To help locate punctures we recommend using washing up liquid diluted in water, by wetting the spa liner surface, the escaping air should produce some visible bubbles.

Repair patches can be purchased here.

Do you need anything to maintain your CleverSpa®?

Your filter and chemical usage are the most important elements regarding the ongoing maintenance of your CleverSpa®. You can buy both here: Filters and Chemicals.

How do I get my CleverSpa® repaired under warranty?

It is very important that you register your warranty as soon as you take delivery / buy your hot tub. You can you register your warranty here.

As soon as you suspect your hot tub is faulty please call a member of our Aftersales Team on 08000 323 313. You will be taken through some troubleshooting questions before receiving an email regarding the terms and conditions of any collection.

Can Chlorine and Bromine be used together as a disinfectant?

Under no circumstances should you mix chlorine and bromine. If you need to change the disinfectant then empty the water first.

Can Pets use the Hot Tub?

No they can’t. Dogs, cats and any other household pets should be kept away from the hot tub to avoid being drowned inside the pool water and also to protect the walls and floor of the hot tub. The GFCI/RCD plug and cable should also be protected to avoid the increased potential for punctures and other damage happening to the spa.

Can the heater and bubbles be used at the same time?

Yes, the heater and bubbles can be used at the same time.

What happens if the motor or heater stops working?

If the motor or heater stops working, please contact CleverSpa® customer service on 0800 0323 313 or The pump heater is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase. Please note the warranty is not transferable, i.e. if you are not the original purchaser of the CleverSpa®, you have not registered your warranty with CleverSpa® following purchase and you cannot provide proof of purchase, then our guarantee cannot be passed onto others.

What happens if I lose the keys for my cover?

Spare keys are available to be purchased from the Spare Parts section of this website. Simply order online or call CleverSpa® customer service on 0800 0323 313.

Is the cover waterproof?

The cover is water resistant but not waterproof, so it will withstand a small amount of water being retained on the cover, but over a period of time this will eventually seep through, especially at seams. If standing water is visible, please clear this off with a soft brush.

How does the cover attach?

Simply place the cover over the top of the spa, align the buckles and start to connect each in rotation around the hot tub. When all buckles are connected, tighten each and lock with the keys provided.

How do I pack away and store my CleverSpa®?

We recommend you watch the videos How to empty your CleverSpa® and How to pack away your CleverSpa®.

If you haven’t kept the box your CleverSpa® came in then a plastic storage container and lid, available from a number of large retailers will keep your CleverSpa® safe until you are ready to use it again.

The container will need to be measure a minimum of 700mm x 500mm x 700mm.

Please ensure your CleverSpa® is completely dry before packing it away, paying particular attention to the skirt of plastic at the base of your hot tub with the water bubble holes in.

Please ensure your boxed CleverSpa® is stored in a dry environment. Storing your CleverSpa® in damp conditions could lead to mould forming on the hot tub shell and potential damage to your electrics and motor which could adversely affect your warranty.

Does CleverSpa® have a cut-off switch?

The CleverSpa® can be stopped at any time by pressing the yellow coloured “Test/Off” button on the plug. The spa may be restarted by pressing the green coloured ‘Reset/On’ button.

Can you leave CleverSpa® unattended whilst it heats?

Yes, you can leave it unattended – the heater will switch off automatically when it reaches the set temperature. If leaving it on then you must ensure that it is connected into a specifically designed outdoor electrical socket so it is shielded from water. Do not leave it left un unattended if connected into an extension lead or there is a chance of rain.

Does the heater cut off at a certain temperature?

Yes, the heater will cut out once the desired/set temperature is reached.

Can you use the CleverSpa® with an extension lead?

You can use CleverSpa® with an extension lead but we suggest not to do so.

The bubbles have stopped on their own, is this normal?

Yes, the spa is designed to operate for 15 minutes and then it will stop for 10 minutes. After this time press ‘Bubbles’ again to restart. This is designed in this way to protect the pump from over-working and to extend the life of your CleverSpa®.

How much will it cost me to run a CleverSpa®?

The heater in your Clever Spa is 1800 Watts or 1.8 KW. If your starting water temperature is 20°C and you want to heat it to 30°C, then it would take between 8.5 and 11.3 hrs to reach temperature if the rise is between 1.5 and 2.0°C per hour. If your electrical rate is 14.5 pence per hour, then you multiply the KW value in use by the pence per hour and multiple this value by the total hrs, so:

14.5 x 1.8 = 0.26 x 8.5 hrs = £2.22 to heat up the water; or

14.5 x 1.8 = 0.26 x 11.3 = £2.94 to heat up the water. If we take an average, then we could estimate that it will cost approximately £2.58 to heat up the water in the hot tub.

To operate the hot tub (bubbling), the motor is 600 Watts or 0.6 KW. If you use the hot tub for 1 hr, then the cost would be:

14.5 x 0.6 = 0.09 x 1 = £0.09 per hour

Operating the hot tub with heat on and bubbles for 1 hour would cost approximately:

14.5 x 2.4 = 0.35 x 1 = £0.35 per hour

The pence per KWH will change very frequently, so please check with your electrical supply company for an updated price if you need to calculate the usage costs in greater detail.

Do I get anything to protect my CleverSpa®?

Each CleverSpa® comes with a PVC ground sheet which may be used to cover the floor before laying your empty hot tub on the ground/deck and also a cover to protect the water inside the hot tub and to stop unwanted access.

How many filters are provided when I purchase?

You are provided with 1 filter to get you started. Your filter and chemical usage are the most important elements regarding the ongoing maintenance of your CleverSpa®. You can buy both here: Filters and Chemicals.

What is the assembled size?

If you have purchased a 4 person hot tub, the outer diameter will be approximately 180 cm and the height 65 cm high. If you have purchased a 6 person spa the outer diameter will be 208 cm and the height 65 cm.

Where can I buy accessories for my CleverSpa from?

A full range of accessories can be purchased directly from or a more limited range may be available from the retailer where you have purchased your CleverSpa®. See CleverSpa® Accessories.

How many bubble jets are there CleverSpa®?

The 4 person hot tub includes approximately 110 bubble jets and the 6 person approximately 130 bubble jets.

The letters “FC” are appearing in the control panel – what is this?

To use the filtration system, press the “Filter” button, a red light will appear and the pump will start to work. Press the “Filter” button again once to stop the pump, the red light will go out.

When the filtration system has worked for approximately 168 hours, the letters “FC” (Filter Change) will appear on the display screen, accompanied by a warning tone. The red light will still be lit on the “Filter” button, but the pump will not be operational. The heating system will also not work and the red light will also be out on the ‘Heater’ button.

To make sure the filtration system is actually off, you need to press the “Filter” button again. The letters “FC” on the display screen will disappear as well as the warning tone. The actual water temperature will be displayed, and all functions will return to their normal working status. “FC” and the warning tone are a reminder that you should consider replacing the filter.