CleverSpa® Black Label Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the CleverSpa® Black Label. If you cannot find an answer, please contact us.

How to…?

How is the CleverSpa® Black Label assembled?

We recommend that you always read through the manual before attempting to assemble your CleverSpa® as it will advise you on the correct procedure to follow. When first assembling, it will take just a couple of minutes to inflate.

*CleverSpa® Top Tip: Inflation guidelines: When inflating your CleverSpa®Black Label, we recommend inflating to 7 PSI. Once 7 PSI is reached, you may not be satisfied with the firmness of the hot tub, in which case it may require further inflation, anything between 7 and 11 PSI will be OK.



Can I inflate my CleverSpa® Black Label using the pump and heating system provided?

No, the pump and heating system would only inflate your hot tub to around 1 PSI. It has to be done under great pressure ie the Dual Action Hand Hump to get it to the recommended 7-11 PSI.

How long does it take to inflate and fill my CleverSpa® Black Label?

Once you have assembled the hand pump and connected to the inflation valve, inflation should take approximately 2-5 minutes. Once you are happy your hot tub is fully inflated, you can fill using a hosepipe. If your water pressure is good and your hosepipe is connected correctly, it will take approximately 60-75 minutes to fill.

How do I use the CleverLink® App with my CleverSpa® Black Label?

Please follow our CleverLink®: CleverSpa® App Setup guide.

How do I set the temperature of my CleverSpa® Black Label?

Follow these 5 easy steps below –

1. Ensure temperature is showing in the control panel.
2. Press the TEMPERATURE button which will cause the numbers in the control panel to flash continuously.
3. Press the TEMP UP or TEMP DOWN arrows to select the desired water temperature.
4. Once the desired temperature is showing in the control panel, press the TEMPERATURE button again which will stop the indicator from flashing. The temperature is now set and locked.
5. To start the heating system, press the HEATER button – a red LED light will appear on both the heater and filter buttons. The filter system will start to circulate the water automatically. Finally, fit the top cover over your CleverSpa® and leave the heater to achieve the desired temperature.


Follow our CleverLink®: CleverSpa® App Setup guide.

– From cold, it will take your CleverSpa® between 12-24 hours to heat to your desired temperature. The temperature outside and the temperature of the water being used to fill will affect how long it takes your CleverSpa® to heat up. Each time you turn your CleverSpa® off, the water temperature will drop so always allow plenty of time for it to heat up before use.
– When the temperature is reached, the heater and filter will stop, however the heater light will remain on.
– When the temperature of the water falls 2°C below the set temperature, the heater will restart automatically and run until the pre-set temperature has been reached again.

How do I deflate my CleverSpa® Black Label and how long does it take?

It generally shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to deflate your hot tub once you lock open the deflation valve.

Can my CleverSpa® Black Label be used indoors and outdoors

Yes! It can be used both indoors and outdoors, but great care should be taken if using your CleverSpa® indoors as there will be an increased risk of damage to carpets / furnishings etc

Can my CleverSpa® Black Label be set up on any surface?

No, it can’t. Care must be taken when positioning your CleverSpa® as the tub must be located on a surface that is flat and smooth. Ensure that the area you choose to set up the CleverSpa® is clear of any stones or any objects that could damage the vinyl base of the hot tub. Please ensure that wherever you choose to locate your CleverSpa®, for example a decking area, that it can support the total weight of the hot tub when filled. A 7 person CleverSpa® Black Label will weigh over 1120kg when filled with water alone!

How do I empty my CleverSpa® Black Label and how long will it take?

The time is takes to empty your CleverSpa® will depend on many different things. We would always advise that you allow yourself at least 2 hours the first time you empty, deflate and pack away your CleverSpa®. Follow these directions-

1. Firstly, ensure the CleverSpa® Black Label heater & filter function is switched off and ensure the drainage plug is inserted to prevent unexpected draining.
2. Unscrew the cap from the drainage outlet located at the base of the CleverSpa® Black Label.
3. Now remove the drainage plug from the outlet within the floor of the CleverSpa® Black Label.
4. We recommend turning the air jets on for approx. 20 minutes to allow the pipeline to dry completely.
5. Disconnect the pump and heating system and ensure it is completely dry.
6. When there is no water in the CleverSpa®, use a sponge to absorb excess water; turning the CleverSpa® Black Label upside down can help to drain any water that remains.
7. When draining is complete, replace the drainage plug and drainage outlet cap.

*CleverSpa® Top Tip: Any remaining moisture in your CleverSpa® Black Label or on the pump and heating system should be dried using a clean cloth / towel.

**CleverSpa® Top Tip: Attaching a hose to the drainage outlet will direct the wastewater away from where the CleverSpa® is set up, potentially saving your lawn from a soaking!

How should I store my CleverSpa® Black Label?

Remember that your CleverSpa® Black Label is fitted with 365 FreezeGuard which means you can leave you hot tub set up all-year-round, regardless of the weather! However, if you do decide to pack it away, please ensure that your CleverSpa® Black Label is completely dry, paying particular attention to the skirt of PVC at the base of your hot tub where the air jets are located; use a clean cloth / towel to dry if necessary. Once your hot tub is dry, fully deflated, folded and packed away in its box, we recommended storing in a dry, ambient environment. If you no longer have the box your CleverSpa® came in, use the grey bag that is supplied with the hot tub.

*USE AFTER STORAGE: We recommend leaving your CleverSpa® Black Label to stand at room temperature for 24 hours before inflation to allow the hot tub material to acclimatise before re-inflating.

Trouble Shooting

What happens if I puncture my CleverSpa® Black Label?

Due to the robust nature of the Drop Stitch material, it is highly unlikely you will puncture your CleverSpa® Black Label, however, in the unlikely event of a puncture we advise that you contact our Customer Service Team:

I think my CleverSpa® Black Label is punctured, how do I find the puncture

In the unlikely event of a puncture on your CleverSpa® Black Label, we advise that you contact our Customer Service Team:

There’s water dripping from the pipe connectors from the hot tub to the pump/heater?

Please register your warranty (you can do that HERE) and contact the Clever Aftersales Team. We will send you a new set of pipe connectors free of charge.

The pipe under the pump/heater system is leaking?

Please register your warranty (you can do that HERE) and contact the Clever Aftersales Team. We will send you a jubilee clip free of charge.

How do I get rid of a crease on the base of my CleverSpa® Black Label?

Placing the hot tub on a foam floor protector will help to minimise creasing. There always needs to be excess material to allow for expansion so when the hot tub is full of water, the combination of weight, heat and time will reduce creases further.

Do CleverSpa® have a repairs service?

Yes. Please contact Customer Services to discuss the nature of the repair you require.

How do I arrange a repair for my CleverSpa® Black Label?

Firstly, you need to register your warranty. You can do that HERE.

As soon as you suspect your CleverSpa® has a fault, please call a member of our Aftersales Team on 0151 318 6163 or you can click HERE for more ways to contact us. You will be taken through some troubleshooting questions before receiving an email regarding the terms and conditions of any collection.

What happens if the motor or heater of my CleverSpa® Black Label stops working?

If the motor or heater stops working, please contact the CleverSpa® Aftersales Team on 0151 318 6163 or you can click HERE for more ways to contact us. The pump heater is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase. If you register within 28 days of purchase, we will extend that warranty to 18 months free of charge! Please note the warranty is not transferable i.e. if you are not the original purchaser of the CleverSpa® or you have not registered your warranty with CleverSpa® following purchase and you cannot provide proof of purchase, then the warranty will not be valid.

The bubbles on my CleverSpa® Black Label stop on their own, is this normal?

Yes. The air jet function is designed to operate for 20 minutes at a time, then it will stop for 10 minutes. After this time, you can press the ‘Air Jet’ function on your control panel and the bubbles will restart.

How can I get rid of rainwater that has pooled on my top cover?

You can turn your air jets on briefly. This will help lift the cover from the inside and allow you to easily brush the excess water off.

The bubbles on my CleverSpa® Black Label don’t work all the way around?

Once the temperature of your hot tub has reached 40 degrees, the PVC will relax and all the bubbles will now work. If they don’t, please check all air jet holes have been punched through.

What is this error code showing on my CleverSpa® Black Label control panel?
Code Cause Solution
FC When the filtration system has worked for approx. 168 hours, FC (Filter Change) will appear on the display screen of your CleverSpa® accompanied by a warning tone. The red light will still be lit on the ‘Filter’ button, but the pump will not be operational. The heating system will also not work, and the red light will be out on the ‘Heater’ button. You should check the filter and change if necessary. Once you have done this, you need to press the ‘Filter’ button again. The ‘FC’ error code will disappear, and the warning tone will stop. The water temperature will be displayed, and all functions will return to normal.
SL Temperature Issue Contact the CleverSpa® Aftersales Team HERE.
HL Temperature Issue Contact the CleverSpa® Aftersales Team HERE.
SH Water Temperature Sensor Issue Contact the CleverSpa® Aftersales Team HERE.
Can I use my CleverSpa® Black Label in all types of weather?

You can use your CleverSpa® in all weathers but we do not recommend use during extreme weathers such as high winds, thunder / lightning storms, low temperatures and prolonged direct sunlight for models purchased before August 2019.

From August 2019 all CleverSpa® Hot Tubs can be used all year round:
As the weather turns colder and you don’t want to empty and pack away your spa, take advantage of your new CleverSpa® ‘All Year Round’ feature – just set the temperature to 5°C.

Leave the heater and filter system ‘ON’ and it will automatically regulate water temperature by turning the heater on for short periods of time- this prevents the water freezing and causing damage to the motor. The warmer water also protects the liner materials and will reduce the amount of electricity needed to constantly maintain a higher temperature of 37°C.

Can my CleverSpa® Black Label be left outdoors in the rain?

Yes, it can. Due to the intelligent design, the pump and heater are safely contained within the housing unit so there is no need to remove anything when it is raining. We do advise that your CleverSpa® should only be plugged into an outdoor mains electrical outlet that can be fully closed and sealed against any weather, including rain, snow, sleet etc. Any water ingress in the RCD Plug or the socket that it is plugged into could lead to the failure of the RCD plug and or the socket it is plugged into.

If the RCD plug or socket show any signs of water ingress they should not be used. Evidence of water ingress will result in burning or melting. If this happens the socket should be immediately switched off and the plug or socket should be checked by a qualified person and be replaced if necessary.

Can pets get in my CleverSpa® Black Label?

No, they can’t. Dogs, cats and any other household pets should be kept away from your hot tub to prevent drowning, maintain your water cleanliness and to prevent damage to the walls and floor of your CleverSpa® Black Label.

Can the heater and bubbles be used at the same time?

Yes, they can! Whilst other hot tubs may not have this capability, CleverSpa® heater and bubbles can be used at the same time.

Why is the temperature reading on my control panel abnormally high?

Extreme Temperature Fluctuations:
• Extreme Temperature Fluctuations can occur if the motor is unable to draw enough water into the system (usually caused by a blockage).

• Without water flowing through the system there may be a small amount of water still remaining in the heating reservoir (a maximum of 300ml).

• The thermostat will turn the element off once the set temperature is reached, but the element may still continue to heat the small amount of water in the reservoir until the heating element has itself cooled.

• As the thermostat is located within this assembly it may cause the control panel to display artificially high readings that may not necessarily reflect the actual water temperature.

How can I clean my filter?

What should I do if my control panel shows an unusually high temperature?

If your CleverSpa® Hot Tub is showing a temperature reading above 42°C, in the first instance you need to turn the hot tub off at the mains for 30 minutes and allow the heating element to cool.

• Turn the Hot Tub back on at the mains and check the temperature to see if it has dropped.
• Turn the Air Jets on for a few minutes to disperse any pockets of hot water.
• Remove the filter, taking care to avoid contact with the outlet valve.
• Place the filter sock over the filter connector and press the filter button.
• This will flush the small amount of residual Hot Water from the heating reservoir into the Hot Tub.
• Reattach a clean/brand new filter to the hot tub and reheat to desired temperature.

If you continue to experience extreme temperature fluctuations please contact the CleverSpa® Aftersales Team HERE.

Everything is plugged in & switched on but there’s no power going to my CleverSpa®?

If there is no power going to your CleverSpa® hot tub, please try the following: –
1) Change the fuse in the back of the RCD plug.

If this does not resolve the matter, the problem may be the RCD plug. Please go to Point 2)
2) a. Unscrew and remove the RCD plug
b. Install a normal 13amp plug (to test the socket)

If the power on your CleverSpa® hot tub resumes using the 13amp plug you trialled, the RCD plug must be faulty. (Important – please do not continue to use your hot tub with the 13amp fuse, as there is no automatic cut off.)

A new RCD plug can be sent by post under the terms of your warranty. If your hot tub is no longer covered by the warranty please contact the Aftersales Team.

Can I use an extension lead to power my CleverSpa® Black Label?

You can use an extension lead to power your CleverSpa® but we would not recommend this. If an extension lead is necessary for use of your CleverSpa®, ensure the lead is fully unravelled when in use and the sockets are weather proofed.

Filter Queries
How do I attach / change the filter on my CleverSpa®?

It is really easy to fit your filter. Just screw it onto the filter connector which is located just above the floor of the hot tub in line with the control module. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! If you are unsure watch our CLEVERSPA® FILTERS video.


How often do I need to change my filter?

Keep your CleverSpa® clean and safe from contaminants. For optimum performance of your hot tub, remove and rinse your filter after EVERY use to remove any small particles and residue.
The filter is one of the most important elements regarding the ongoing maintenance of your CleverSpa®.

When filters are used for too long, they will become discoloured, their condition will deteriorate and that can cause damage to your CleverSpa®. The filter is one of the most important elements regarding the ongoing maintenance of your CleverSpa®. For more info watch our CLEVERSPA® FILTERS video. You can buy new filters HERE.

How can I clean my filter?

How can I clean my filter?

Why is my CleverSpa® so noisy?

Your CleverSpa® hot tub should not make a very loud noise when working correctly. Check your filter. If it is obviously dirty, either clean or replace.


Temperature Queries

How long will it take for my CleverSpa® Black Label to heat up?

This depends on a couple of things, 1. The ambient temperature outside and 2. The temperature of the water being used to fill your CleverSpa® Black Label. We advise to allow between 12-24 hours for the water to reach your desired temperature. Each time you turn your CleverSpa® off, the water temperature will drop so always allow plenty of time for it to heat up before use.

Why is the temperature of my Black Label CleverSpa® not increasing?

It may be that your filter is dirty. A dirty filter will slow the flow of water being drawn through the external heater, where it would be heated and pumped back into the hot tub. Check your filter is clean, if not then immediately replace with a new filter.

In order to try and help resolve the problem quickly, please follow the instructions below:-
– Turn off the Spa
– Remove the filter
– Place the filter sock over the filter inlet so no debris gets into the pump/heater
– Turn on the Spa (without the filter to test the hot tub is functioning)
– Press Temp
– Key in your desired temperature
– Press Temp
– Press Heat
– Place on your top cover

Once completed – Leave the Spa running for a couple of hours. The water temperature should start to rise and the noise should stop. If this resolves the issue, please apply a brand new filter.

If the above does not resolve the problem, and you are encountering a different issue please contact the CleverSpa® Aftersales Team.

Does the CleverSpa® Black Label stop at a certain temperature?

Yes, the heater will stop once the desired / set temperature has been reached. It will remain off until the water temperature drops by 2°C, at which point the heater will automatically restart to ensure set temperature is maintained.


How can I clean the water in my CleverSpa® Black Label?

To maintain clean water in your CleverSpa® Black Label we recommend that you purchase and use the CleverSpa® Chemicals. A full range of spa chemicals that will maintain the health of your water can found HERE.

How do I clean the walls of my CleverSpa® Black Label?

We recommend this to be done with hot, soapy water and a clean cloth then rinse with clean water. Why not try our specially designed CleverSpa® Sponge? Just add water to your CleverSpa® Sponge and clean your CleverSpa® as normal, no need for any chemicals or detergents. The CleverSpa® Sponge will remove dirt, stubborn stains, grease and grime! Find out which of our retail partners stock the CleverSpa® Sponge HERE.

How much will it cost me to run my CleverSpa® Black Label?

The running costs will vary depending on your electricity providers tariffs. You also need to consider how often and for how long you use your CleverSpa® Black Label. Please check with your electrical supplier for up to date tariffs if you need to calculate the usage costs.

*CleverSpa® Top Tip: We recommend activating 365 FreezeGuard in order to keep costs down to a minimum. 365 FreezeGuard will circulate the water when not heating at full temperature, helping maintain the health of your water.

Health & Safety

Does my CleverSpa® Black Label have a cut-off switch?

Yes, your CleverSpa® is fitted with an RCD plug which features a cut-off switch.

Can I use an extension lead to power my CleverSpa® Black Label?

We DO NOT recommend using an extension cable as this can be a fire risk. We suggest using an external mains socket that is weather proofed, professionally fitted if you do not have one.

Where can I plug in my CleverSpa® Black Label hot tub?

Your CleverSpa® hot tub should be plugged into a suitable fixed mains wall power socket wherever possible.
If using an outdoor power socket please ensure that it is suitable for outdoor use and is weatherproof, featuring a protective cover.
Ensure that your power socket and its surrounding location is free from damp or condensation.
Check your mains socket and RCD plug to ensure there is no visible damage or standing water before using.

Damp walls or condensation can cause water ingress into a socket, water within an electrical socket can rapidly increase the current flowing through the circuit, which could cause a short circuit as the fuse is blown.
Short circuits can also cause loss of power due to overloading of the socket and potentially melt the wiring, which can lead to an electrical fire or irreparable damage to the Socket and any appliances connected to it.

Who can use my CleverSpa® Black Label?

A responsible adult should always be present during the set up and use of your CleverSpa®.

A lower temperature should be set for children using your CleverSpa®. Children under 8 years old should be supervised at all times. Children aged 8 years and over using the CleverSpa® may do so at the discretion of a responsible adult.

We do not recommend using your CleverSpa® during pregnancy.

What is Hot Tub Rash?

Hot tub rash, or folliculitis, is a skin infection. Symptoms include:
– Itchy spots on the skin that become a bumpy red rash.
– The rash is worse in areas that were previously covered by a swimsuit.
– Pus-filled blisters around hair follicles.

Hot tub rash can affect people of all ages.

How do I Reduce the Risk of Hot Tub Rash?

Ensure your Chlorine and pH levels are checked at least twice per day using Test Strips —hot tubs with good disinfectant and pH control are less likely to spread germs.

The Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) recommends the following levels for hot tubs:

» Free chlorine (3–10 ppm) or bromine (4–8 ppm).
» A pH level of 7.2–7.8.

Daily Checkpoints for Water Maintenance:
– Are your chlorine and pH levels checked at least twice per day?
– Are your chlorine and pH levels checked more often when the hot tub is being used by a lot of people?
– Are you regularly removing any visible slime or biofilm on the surface of the water or on the inner walls of your hot tub?
– Are you regularly cleaning and replacing your filter?

**Clear looking water and being able to smell chlorine IS NOT indicative of safe water**