CleverSpa® Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the CleverSpa®. If you cannot find an answer, please contact us.

How to…?

How is the CleverSpa® assembled?

We recommend that you always read through the manual before attempting to assemble your CleverSpa® as it will advise you on the correct procedure to follow. When first assembling, it will take just a couple of minutes to inflate. Watch our video to see how to SET UP YOUR CLEVERSPA®.

How do I fit the LED lights on my CleverSpa®?


We advise that you follow the instructions on ‘How to Setup Your CleverSpa® LED Lighting’ as explained in your CleverSpa® manual.

How long does it take to inflate and fill my CleverSpa®?

As the motor and heater system are built in and already connected, once your CleverSpa® is correctly positioned on a smooth, flat surface, it can be inflated and ready for filling in less than 5 minutes. Depending on the size of your CleverSpa®, if your water pressure is good and your hosepipe is connected correctly, it will take approximately 60-75 minutes to fill. Watch our video to see how to SET UP YOUR CLEVERSPA®.

How do I set the temperature of my CleverSpa®?

Follow these 5 easy steps below or click here to watch our video SET UP YOUR CLEVERSPA®

1. Ensure temperature is showing in the control panel.
2. Press the TEMPERATURE button which will cause the numbers in the control panel to flash continuously.
3. Press the TEMP UP or TEMP DOWN arrows to select the desired water temperature.
4. Once the desired temperature is showing in the control panel, press the TEMPERATURE button again which will stop the indicator from flashing. The temperature is now set and locked.
5. To start the heating system, press the HEATER button – a red LED light will appear on both the heater and filter buttons. The filter system will start to circulate the water automatically. Finally, fit the top cover over your CleverSpa® and leave the heater to achieve the desired temperature.

– From cold, it will take your CleverSpa® between 12-24 hours to heat to your desired temperature. The temperature outside and the temperature of the water being used to fill will affect how long it takes your CleverSpa to heat up. Each time you turn your CleverSpa® off, the water temperature will drop so always allow plenty of time for it to heat up before use.
– When the temperature is reached, the heater and filter will stop, however the heater light will remain on.
– When the temperature of the water falls 2°C below the set temperature, the heater will restart automatically and run until the pre-set temperature has been reached again.

How do I deflate my CleverSpa® and how long does it take?

It generally shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to fully deflate your hot tub. Watch our video to see how to PACK AWAY YOUR CLEVERSPA®. After draining your CleverSpa® we recommend you switch on the bubble function for up to 20 minutes to remove any last traces of water from your tub.

Can my CleverSpa® be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes! It can be used both indoors and outdoors, but great care should be taken if using your CleverSpa® indoors as there will be an increased risk of damage to carpets / furnishings etc

Can my CleverSpa® be set up on any surface?

No, it can’t. Care must be taken when positioning your CleverSpa® as the tub must be located on a surface that is flat and smooth. Ensure that the area you choose to set up is clear of any stones or any objects that could damage the vinyl base of the hot tub. Please ensure that wherever you choose to locate your CleverSpa®, for example a decking area, that it can support the total weight of the hot tub when filled. A 4 person CleverSpa® will weigh over 800kg and a 6 person over 1000kg!

How do I empty my CleverSpa® and how long will it take?

The time is takes to empty your CleverSpa® will depend on many different things. We would always advise that you allow yourself at least 2 hours the first time you empty, deflate and pack away your CleverSpa®. Watch our video to see how to PACK AWAY YOUR CLEVERSPA® or follow these directions-

1. Firstly, turn off the CleverSpa® heater.
2. Make sure the drainage plug is in place on the floor of the CleverSpa®.
3. Open the water outlet on the outer wall of the CleverSpa® and screw on the inflation hose.
4. Pull the plastic plug from the outlet in the floor of the CleverSpa®, then the water will flow out.
5. When there is no water in the CleverSpa®, use a sponge to absorb excess water; we then recommend turning on the bubble function for up to 20 minutes (one full cycle) to drain the water that can remain, and help dry out the pipeline. If the pipeline is not completely dried after the first cycle, it may be necessary to run the 20 minute cycle again.
6. When drainage is complete, remove the inflation hose and replace the drainage cap.
7. There will still be a small amount of water left in the base of the hot tub, this should be dried with a clean cloth / towel.

How should I store my CleverSpa®?

Please ensure that your CleverSpa® is completely dry before packing it away, paying particular attention to the skirt of plastic at the base of your hot tub where the water bubble holes are located; use a clean cloth / towel to dry if necessary. Once your hot tub is dry, fully deflated, folded and packed away in its box, we recommended storing in a dry, ambient environment. If you no longer have the box your CleverSpa® came in, use the grey bag that is supplied with the hot tub. Watch our video to see how to PACK AWAY YOUR CLEVERSPA®.

*USE AFTER STORAGE: We recommend leaving your CleverSpa® to stand at room temperature for 24 hours before inflation to allow the hot tub material to acclimatise before re-inflating.

Trouble Shooting

What happens if I puncture my CleverSpa®?

All CleverSpa® Inflatable Hot Tubs are supplied with water resistant PVC repair patches. Additional repair patches can be purchased HERE.

I think my CleverSpa® is punctured, how do I find the puncture?

To help locate punctures we recommend using washing up liquid diluted in water and wetting the surface of you CleverSpa® liner. The escaping air should cause visible bubbles making it clear where the puncture is located. For more guidance, please watch our REPAIRING PUNCTURES video.

How do I repair a puncture?

Firstly, we recommend you do this when your CleverSpa® is empty and inflated. If the puncture is quite large, you should keep the pump on whilst you make the repair to avoid it deflating before you can apply the repair patch.

Ensure the surface you are repairing is clean and dry before applying the repair patch. We recommended using Loctite® Super Glue (not supplied). Trim the repair patch to the required size, ensuring it is large enough to completely cover the puncture. Apply the glue directly to the repair patch and carefully stick in place. Leave the patch and glue to set for at least 10 minutes before filling your CleverSpa® with water. For more guidance, please watch our REPAIRING PUNCTURES video.

Do CleverSpa® have a repairs service?

Yes. Please contact Customer Services to discuss the nature of the repair you require.

A puncture, for instance, which is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty would cost £35 (inc. VAT) which includes collection, repair and delivery of your hot tub.

If the deflation is due to a manufacturing fault, this would be covered under your CleverSpa® warranty. Please contact our Aftersales Team on 0800 0323 313 to discuss further or click HERE and complete a Contact Us form.

How do I arrange a repair for my CleverSpa®?

Firstly, you need to register your warranty. You can do that HERE.

As soon as you suspect your CleverSpa® has a fault, please call a member of our Aftersales Team on 0800 0323 313 or you can click HERE for more ways to contact us. You will be taken through some troubleshooting questions before receiving an email regarding the terms and conditions of any collection.

What happens if the motor or heater of my CleverSpa® stops working?

If the motor or heater stops working, please contact the CleverSpa® Aftersales Team on 0800 0323 313 or you can click HERE for more ways to contact us. The pump heater is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase. Please note the warranty is not transferable i.e. if you are not the original purchaser of the CleverSpa® or you have not registered your warranty with CleverSpa® following purchase and you cannot provide proof of purchase, then the warranty will not be valid.

The bubbles on my CleverSpa® stop on their own, is this normal?

Yes. The bubble function is designed to operate for 20 minutes at a time, then it will stop for 10 minutes. After this time, you can press the ‘Bubble’ function on your control panel and the bubbles will restart.

What is this error code showing on my CleverSpa® control panel?
Code Cause Solution
FC When the filtration system has worked for approx. 168 hours, FC (Filter Change) will appear on the display screen of your CleverSpa® accompanied by a warning tone. The red light will still be lit on the ‘Filter’ button, but the pump will not be operational. The heating system will also not work, and the red light will be out on the ‘Heater’ button. You should check the filter and change if necessary. Once you have done this, you need to press the ‘Filter’ button again. The ‘FC’ error code will disappear, and the warning tone will stop. The water temperature will be displayed, and all functions will return to normal.
SL Temperature Issue Contact the CleverSpa® Aftersales Team on 0800 0323 313 or click HERE for other ways to contact us.
HL Temperature Issue Contact the CleverSpa® Aftersales Team on 0800 0323 313 or click HERE for other ways to contact us.
SH Water Temperature Sensor Issue Contact the CleverSpa® Aftersales Team on 0800 0323 313 or click HERE for other ways to contact us.
Can I use my CleverSpa® in all types of weather?

You can use your CleverSpa® in all weathers but we do not recommend use during extreme weathers such as high winds, thunder / lightning storms, low temperatures (less than 6°C) and prolonged direct sunlight.

From August 2019 all CleverSpa® Hot Tubs can be used all year round:
As the weather turns colder and you don’t want to empty and pack away your spa, take advantage of your new CleverSpa® ‘All Year Round’ feature – just set the temperature to 20°C.

Leave the heater and filter system ‘ON’ and it will automatically regulate water temperature by turning the heater on for short periods of time- this prevents the water freezing and causing damage to the motor. The warmer water also protects the liner materials and will reduce the amount of electricity needed to constantly maintain a higher temperature of 37°C.

Can my CleverSpa® be left outdoors in the rain?

Yes, it can. Due to our intelligent design, the pump and heater are built into the wall of our CleverSpas® so there is no need to remove anything when it is raining. We do advise that your CleverSpa® should only be plugged into an outdoor mains electrical outlet that can be fully closed and sealed against any weather.

Can pets get in my CleverSpa®?

No, they can’t. Dogs, cats and any other household pets should be kept away from your hot tub to prevent drowning, maintain your water cleanliness and to prevent damage to the walls and floor of your CleverSpa®.

Can the heater and bubbles be used at the same time?

Yes, they can! Whilst other hot tubs may not have this capability, CleverSpa® heater and bubbles can be used at the same time.

Can I use an extension lead to power my CleverSpa®?

You can use an extension lead to power your CleverSpa® but we would not recommend this. If an extension lead is necessary for use of your CleverSpa®, ensure the lead is fully unravelled when in use and the sockets are weather proofed.

Filter Queries
How do I attach / change the filter on my CleverSpa®?

It is really easy to fit your filter. Just screw it onto the filter connector which is located just above the floor of the hot tub in line with the control module. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! If you are unsure watch our CLEVERSPA® FILTERS video.

How often do I need to change my filter?

If used daily, you should be changing your filter every 168 hours (7 days). For weekend use only (Friday- Sunday) the filter should be changed every 2 weeks. Frequent use of your CleverSpa® may mean you need to change your filter more often. We recommend that you check the condition and cleanliness of your filter after each use and rinse using clean water to remove any small particles of dirt. When filters are used for too long, they will become discoloured, their condition will deteriorate and that can cause damage to your CleverSpa®. The filter is one of the most important elements regarding the ongoing maintenance of your CleverSpa®. For more info watch our CLEVERSPA® FILTERS video. You can buy new filters HERE.

Temperature Queries

How long will it take for my CleverSpa® to heat up?

This depends on a couple of things, 1. The ambient temperature outside and 2. The temperature of the water being used to fill your CleverSpa®. We advise to allow between 12-24 hours for the water to reach your desired temperature. Each time you turn your CleverSpa® off, the water temperature will drop so always allow plenty of time for it to heat up before use.

Why is the temperature of my CleverSpa® not increasing?

It may be that your filter is dirty. A dirty filter will not efficiently allow water to be drawn through the internal heater, where it would be heated and pumped back into the hot tub. Check your filter is clean, if you are unsure watch our CLEVERSPA® FILTERS video.

Does the CleverSpa® heater stop at a certain temperature?

Yes, the heater will stop once the desired / set temperature has been reached. It will remain off until the water temperature drops by 2°C, at which point the heater will automatically restart to ensure set temperature is maintained.

LED Light Queries


The correct installation of your LED lights is extremely important and failure to follow the instructions carefully may result in their early failure, but correct installation will ensure they stay working every time you use your spa. The most important issue with installation is to ensure that the lights are not installed too tightly, they must be fitted so they are loose, with freedom to move between the retention loops on the base of the spa to allow the lighting strip to expand when the spa is filled with water. For detailed information click HERE.

Please ensure that some excess lighting strip is left across each gap (they must not be tight), this helps reduce stress on the lighting and allows for expansion of the spa when it is filled with water. Failure to do this may reduce the lifespan of your lighting and cause premature failure. Please see image below.

CleverSpa Lighting Layout

How do I attach my LED Lights to my CleverSpa®?

To begin with, we recommend laying out your LED lighting kit, checking all parts are present and turning the lights on before installing to your CleverSpa®. Take care to ‘feed’ the LED Lights through the loops on the base of your CleverSpa®. The lights must face upwards. For more details please refer to your CleverSpa® manual.

How do I turn my LED Lights on?

Our LED lights are controlled via remote control. For your initial LED light set up, please follow these directions-

1. Remove the plastic tab from the battery compartment on the rear of the remote.
2. Turn off lighting using the ‘OFF‘ button.
3. Press the ‘AUTO‘ button to enter the configuration mode.
4. Press the ‘BLUE‘ button until the LEDs display Red, Green and Blue in order from the start of the light strip.
5. Press the ‘OFF‘ button to store the setting.

Alternatively, for more details please refer to your CleverSpa® manual.

Can I pack my CleverSpa® away with the LED lights attached?

No. You must ALWAYS remove the LED Lighting strip from your CleverSpa® before attempting to pack your hot tub away. We advise you rewind the LED Lighting strip back onto its’ storage reel before putting away.

Why have my CleverSpa® LED Lights stopped working?

There could be several reasons why your LED Lights have stopped working. If it is the first set up, ensure you have removed the plastic tab from the battery compartment and refer to your CleverSpa® manual.

If you have been successfully using your LED Lights and they have suddenly stopped working, we advise that you check-
• Plug connections are correctly in the socket and switched on.
• Remote control battery is working, if not you will require 1 x 3v CR2025 Lithium Battery.

If lights are still not working, please contact the CleverSpa® Aftersales Team on 0800 0323 313 or click HERE for other ways to contact us.


How can I clean the water in my CleverSpa®?

To maintain clean water in your CleverSpa® we recommend that you purchase and use the CleverSpa® Chemicals. A full range of spa chemicals that will maintain the health of your water can found HERE.

How do I clean the walls of my CleverSpa®?

We recommend this to be done with hot, soapy water and a clean cloth then rinse with clean water.

How much will it cost me to run my CleverSpa®?

The running costs will vary depending on your electricity providers tariffs. You also need to consider how often and for how long you use your CleverSpa®. Please check with your electrical supplier for up to date tariffs if you need to calculate the usage costs.

*CleverSpa® Top Tip: We recommend the heater is only switched on 24-36 hours prior to use in order to keep costs down to a minimum. Using the filter system to circulate the water when not heating will help in maintaining the health of your water.

Health & Safety

Does my CleverSpa® have a cut-off switch?

Yes, your CleverSpa® is fitted with an RCD plug which features a cutoff switch.

Who can use my CleverSpa®?

A responsible adult should always be present during the set up and use of your CleverSpa®

A lower temperature should be set for children using your CleverSpa®. Children under 8 years old should be supervised at all times. Children aged 8 years and over using the CleverSpa® may do so at the discretion of a responsible adult.

We do not recommend using your CleverSpa® during pregnancy.