CleverLink® App Help

Please see below for help with the setup of the CleverSpa® CleverLink® App, some hints and tips and troubleshooting:

CleverLink®: CleverSpa® App Setup

We are pleased to launch CleverLink® Version 2.03, featuring a new look and improved features.

CleverLink® can be downloaded from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

1. Head to the download store of your respective device; App Store for Apple or Play Store for Android.
2. Search for CleverLink® and press the “Download/Install” button.
3. Once CleverLink® is installed, tap the icon to launch.

Pre-Setup Tips

• Find a location with a strong Wi-Fi signal before setting up your CleverSpa®.
• Check the signal strength by looking for the wireless network symbol on your phone.
• The more bars shown by the icon the better signal quality.
• The bars will adjust as you move location showing the different signal strengths.


Pairing your CleverSpa® Hot Tub

Controlling your Hot Tub

Once you have successfully paired your device with your CleverSpa® hot tub, the control centre is where you will control your hot tub.

• The control buttons will grey out and spin when sending requests to the hot tub.
• The control buttons will change colour when a function is activated.
• If you have a weak internet connection, there may be a slight delay between pressing the button on the App and the activation of the function.

1. During the pairing process, your Cleverlink® app will search for your CleverSpa®’s Wi-fi connection.
2. Holding down the CleverLink® Button on the Control panel puts your CleverSpa® into pairing mode, creating a temporary network for the App to link to.
3. The CleverLink® App will then securely send the network details to the Hot Tub to enable it to connect.
4. The Hot Tub will then link to the network and be ready to receive commands.
5. Commands can now be sent from the App to the Hot Tub, provided both have an active internet connection.

Quick SetUp Tips

Poor Signal / Range Extenders Guide.
We realise that a hot tub cannot always be placed in a position with a good Wi-Fi signal, under these circumstances we highly recommend the use of a 2.4Ghz Wireless range extender to boost your signal to help increase the signal strength near your hot tub.

2.4Ghz / 5Ghz Networks Guide.
As with many Smart Home devices, CleverLink® currently supports the 2.4Ghz network standard.
The 2.4Ghz network range is more suited to Smart home devices as it has increased range and can pass more easily through solid objects such as walls.
Some wireless routers broadcast both 2.4 & 5Ghz networks making it easier to select the correct type, however newer Wi-Fi routers bond the connection into one single network making it harder for some devices to connect.

Images shown are only available on android devices.

As a guide, the steps below may help if you are struggling to pair your hot tub.
1. Before starting the CleverLink pairing process, check the type of Wi-Fi connection the router is broadcasting.
2. Some devices will show you details of the connected network such as signal strength and type.
3. Log in to the router setup page as directed by the manufacturer.
4. Review the settings and disable the 5Ghz network.
5. Apply the changes and wait for the router to reboot,
(Note: we recommend you check with other network users as it may cause a temporary loss of connection)
6. Your mobile device should now be connected to the 2.4Ghz network
7. Run through the Cleverlink setup steps.
8. Once your Hot Tub setup is complete you can log back into your router and re-enable the 5Ghz Network.

We advise that you refer to the Wireless Routers instruction manual for specific setup instructions.
The links below are for some of the popular service provider websites that may help when attempting to disable the 5ghz Band.

Virgin Media

BT Broadband

Sky Broadband

Talk Talk

Check for updates to the CleverLink App.
We are always striving to improve CleverLink and do our best to update with any fixes to help reliability, if you are experiencing issues please check the App store on your device for updates periodically.

CleverLink®: CleverSpa® App Troubleshooting

Please see some troubleshooting questions, issues and solutions below:

What is my Network SSID?

Possible Issue:
• An SSID is the name of the wireless network you will connect to.

• Your wireless network SSID can generally be found on the back of your wireless router.
• It may be referred to as ‘network name’ by some devices.

My network name (SSID) is not displaying in the CleverLink®

Possible Issue:
• The SSID is not displayed in the relevant field during setup.
• The SSID shown is different to the network I want to connect to.

• On first use you may have to allow the app permissions to allow it to read the current network SSID.
• Check that the device is connected to the correct network.
• If the above steps have been completed, you can always enter the SSID manually.
Take note of any uppercase or special characters when entering the name.

What is my Network Password?

Possible Issue:
• The network password is sometimes referred to as the Network Key or Passphrase.

• Normally your wireless network password can be located on the back of your wireless router unless it has been manually changed.

Forgot Password?

Possible Issue:
• Help I have forgotten my password.

• Don’t worry if you have forgotten your password.
• At the login screen tap the “FORGOT PASSWORD” link.
• Enter the email address that you used to register.
• Tap “Confirm“.
• You will receive an password reset link to the specified email account enabling you to reset your password.
• Now log in with your new password.

The App freezes at 0% or stops responding during pairing.

Possible Issue:
• On some devices if you are trying to connect to a 5Ghz Network this can cause the CleverLink App to become unresponsive.

• Please retry connecting to a 2.4Ghz Network for help refer to the 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz Network troubleshooting point.

If an icon is showing as active/inactive but does not operate the CleverSpa®.

Possible Issue:
• The devices may have slow connection/weak signal.
• Your CleverSpa® or CleverLink® may have lost internet connection.
• The CleverLink® APP may have crashed.

• Wait a few seconds as the CleverLink® may be trying to communicate with the CleverSpa®.
• Check both devices have a working internet connection.
• Fully close the CleverLink® APP and restart it.

Controls do not show after successful pairing (Green Tick)

Possible Issue:
Cleverlink® sync’s data from the app with your Hot Tub control panel, on initial setup it may require you to activate a function on your hot tub to refresh the data held by the app.

We would suggest turning the Airjet Function on and then off again to complete the sync process.

If your CleverLink® does not display a temperature.

Possible Issue:
• The devices may have a slow internet connection and is loading slowly.
• Your CleverSpa® or CleverLink® may have lost internet connection.
• CleverLink® APP may have crashed.
• The connection to the CleverSpa® may have failed.

• Wait a few seconds as the CleverLink® may be trying to communicate with the CleverSpa®.
• Close the CleverLink® App and re-open.
• Check you have active internet connection on your device.
• Check your CleverSpa® has an internet connection.
• Re-pair your spa with the CleverLink® App.

If your CleverLink® APP has become unresponsive or will not work.

Possible Issue:
• Software glitch
• Check for updates or reinstall the app
• Has the devices Operating System has been recently updated?

• Wait a few seconds as the CleverLink® may be trying to communicate with the CleverSpa®.
• Check both devices have a working internet connection.
• Press the button within the device OS to show the list of open programs. Locate the CleverLink® App and swipe to close. Then restart the CleverLink® App. Refer to the mobile devices documentation on how to do this correctly.
• CleverLink® software is regularly updated/maintained with bug fixes and new features, check your App Store or Play store for the latest updates.
• Manufacturers also update their OS from time to time which can sometimes affect the way an existing app works, check the compatibility with your existing APP’s before updating to the latest software.
• The CleverLink® App is only supported on devices running:
Android Version 7 Nougat and newer
Apple iOS 10 and newer

Display Issues

My menu shows a red icon.

Possible Issue:
• You have a notification that needs to be viewed.

• Find the notifications in the Side Menu to view your messages.
• Some notifications will only clear once the action has been completed on the control panel of your CleverSpa®, such as a filter change.
* You are currently using V1.0 of CleverLink, we highly recommend that you update to the latest Version.

Light showing below control panel.

Possible Issue:
Under certain circumstances you may see a flashing blue or red glow from below the CleverLink control panel housing.

This is normal and the light from the from the Wi-Fi modules Status LED can sometimes reflect on the materials around the control panel.

Additional Points

• We cannot guarantee CleverLink® compatibility with older/unsupported hardware and operating Systems.
• CleverLink® may operate differently from controlling the spa directly from its control panel.
• Ensure that you check for updates to the CleverLink App frequently.

• CleverLink® speed/performance may vary from device to device.
• It can take a few seconds for the spa to respond to commands from CleverLink® dependant on connection speed and quality.

Connectivity/Mobile Data
• CleverLink® uses an active Wi-Fi/Mobile data connection to send and receive data from your CleverSpa®.
• If using mobile data to control your spa you may be charged for your mobile data use by your carrier.

Network Standards
• Your CleverSpa® uses an IEEE 802.11 2.4Ghz Wireless Radio frequency Channel to connect to supported network routers.
Your CleverSpa® does not currently support IEEE 802.11 5ghz wireless network connections. If you’re having problems with your spa pairing with your home Wi-Fi, it may be related to your router frequency.
CleverSpa® is not compatible with 5GHz wireless networks.

Mac Address Filtering
• If you have MAC address filtering enabled on your network you will have to disable this feature during setup and then reactivate it once you have setup the device. Once setup is complete you can find the devices MAC address in the ‘About’ section of the side menu.

If you would like to see more details about the CleverSpa® CleverLink® App, please see our dedicated page: