“208cm Thermal Insulation Cover on Lay-Z-Spa Paris

August 1, 2022

Bought the 208cm Thermal Cover for my Lay Z Spa Paris and so fam am very impressed. First impressions when opening the box, the cover looked of a high quality and fitted well round my tub with the cutout removed to accommodate the pipework for my pump. Overnight with -1 DegC outside temp in February, my tub went from 36degC to 32DegC over a 14hr period which was quite impressive. I got the cover at the discount price of 89.99, so in order to pay for itself (based on 28p kWh) I worked out I need to save around 320kWh (or 160hrs of heating). If you save 2hrs worth of heating each day, then it will pay for itself in 80 days and the rest is money saved in your own pocket. Even at full price it will easily pay for itself. Definitely a worth while investment for running the hot tub with the new energy prices!